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Beware the Giant African Land Snail

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Beware the Giant African Land Snail By Kimberly "Kim" Archer, CPDT-KA, CTDI The Giant African Land Snail is an incredibly dangerous snail invasive to Florida, and it is also irradicated with an equally dangerous bait, metaldehyde. Florida has previously successfully eradicated these snails, and plans to do so again, but in the meantime everyone should remain vigilant for both themselves and their pets, as thousands [...]

Animal Abuse Harms People Too

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by Daniel Antolec If you are reading this blog then I may safely assume you are an animal lover, but sometimes love is not enough. Sometimes advocacy through direction action is required. I post this as an urgent call to action to help pass animal abuse legislation which Humane Society of the United States (Wisconsin) state director Melissa Tedrowe declared in her testimony to be [...]

Goodbye Food Allergies, Hello Play Training!

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Angelica Steinker was interviewed for a cutting edge new product that offers hope for allergies. "This is Power, a seven-year-old purebred Border Collie who up until recently has continuously suffered from both environmental and food allergies. As a result, he would experience rapid weight loss and frequent vomiting. A friend of mine found out about AnimalBiome's unique therapies." Read the full story here >

Why Prong Collars Hurt

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Thank you Eileen Anderson for writing an informative blog on the physics of a prong collar. Please see additional note at the bottom of the post. Prong collars, also called pinch collars, are metal chain collars for dogs that include links of prongs whose ends press into the dog’s neck. When a dog pulls on leash, moves out of position, or is “corrected” with a [...]

Dog Car Safety: Help – An Escapee!

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  by Louise Stapleton-Frappell Recently, my nephew and I saw a dog running down a busy main road. She was very lucky as between us we managed to redirect her down an alleyway away from all the traffic and eventually I got her to come near enough to me so that I could take hold of her collar. She was obviously very frightened and stressed. [...]

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