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Who Cares for Your Pet When You Are Away?

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By Brenna Fender The holiday season is fast approaching and you may be heading out of town to celebrate. But what will you do with your pets? If your pets aren’t traveling with you, you will need to find a pet sitter or a boarding facility. How do you make the right choice so that your dog will be safe and happy in your absence? [...]

Steps to Selecting a GREAT Pet Sitter in Tampa

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Steps to Selecting a GREAT Pet Sitter in Tampa Courteous Canine, Inc. offers pet sitting and we want to make it easier to help you choose a pet sitter. Courteous Canine, Inc. has a network of pet sitters so even if you are located in an area that we don’t current service we can put you in touch with a great sitter. So contact us and [...]

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