Recommended Reads for Training your Dog

best dog training resources Agility Success by angelika steinker

Agility Success

Regardless of whether you are competing for the World Agility Championships or earning a clean run in a novice agility class, Agility Success can help you train the mental skills and attitude necessary to do your best in the agility ring and advance toward your goals.

best dog training resources click and play agility by angelika steinker

Click & Play Agility

One does not have to sacrifice their relationship with a dog to be a top competitor. Angelica shows you how. Her unique use of play and underlying win / win philosophy sets her apart.

best dog training resources puppy socialization by mage rogers

Puppy Socialization

Demystifies the most important thing you can do for your puppy: socialization. With dozens of photographs and exclusive linked videos, you’ll see s socialize puppies under the guidance of a nationally certified dog trainer and behavior consultant.

best dog training resources: empowerment training by james o'heare

Empowerment Training

A stellar summary of operant and respondent conditioning research. The book describes ideal training which will result in an empowered learner will perform reliably, accurately and with enthusiasm.

best dog training resources: structure in action

Structure in Action

A masterpiece that takes the reader to each body part of a dog providing detailed information on how structural issues affect a dog’s ability to perform. If you train dogs– this is part of your education.

best dog training resources: control unleashed

Control Unleashed

Turn stress to confidence and distraction to focus using 110% positive methods. McDevitt’s Control Unleashed® program is designed to help “dogs with issues” learn how to relax, focus, and work off-leash.

DVDs for Training your Dog

best dog training resources: Go The Distance dog training dvd

Go The Distance

Whether you’re trying to get your velcro dog to move a few away from you or many yards, Stacy Peardot-Goudy’s exercises for training distance work will help. Distance work is a key element of success in any agility venue. In this series of videos, all exercises begin with you handling at a modest distance away from the dog, gradually adding distance over time as the dog becomes comfortable and reliable at each stage.

best dog training resources: Tricks for a Great Bond dog training dvd

Tricks for a Great Bond

The Tricks for a Great Bond DVD explains the 10 positive side-effects of teaching tricks and gives a general explanation of how to shape whatever trick you want. It also includes step-by-step instructions on how to teach 10 tricks, from basic to advanced ones. Tricks for a Great Bond also covers troubleshooting common problems: dog not offering anything, dog not motivated, dog too excited, dog getting stuck, etc.

best dog training resources: Control Unleashed: Game Demonstrations by Leslie McDevitt

Control Unleashed: Game Demonstrations

Leslie McDevitt’s versatile program is designed to teach dogs and puppies how to relax, focus, and work off leash reliably in stimulating and stressful situations. Instead of using up their energy by getting distracted, excited, or worried about the things going on around them, dogs and puppies learn how to use their energy for focusing on you and the task at hand.