Daycare for Dogs Program

Dog daycare in Tampa: Safe and fun for all involved!

Join the list of happy dogs who are a part of our dog daycare play groups!

Prior to joining the Dog Daycare Program at Courteous Canine, we will schedule a screening appointment to ensure that dog daycare is right for your pup. Our team is pet first-aid trained, and all playmates are screened. We work to make sure your dog’s play is safe and fun!

Thank you for your interest in Dog Daycare with Courteous Canine!

Existing clients can email to request, change, or cancel a booking.

Daycare for Dogs

We encourage happy wagging tails, cold noses. and playful barks. Belly scratches, ear kisses and chew toys are all on the agenda too. We do not object to dog drooling and shedding either! Our Pet Care Technicians are trained in canine behavior and communication and we practice polite daycare obedience skills.

Checklist for Daycare Suitability

  • Your dog is comfortable and friendly around other dogs and people
  • Your dog does not have a bite or growl history with other dogs or people
  • Your dog attended a positive reinforcement puppy class
  • Your dog has had positive ongoing socialization experiences
  • Your dog is comfortable relaxing in a crate when tired

Existing clients can email to request, change, or cancel a booking.

Daycare Invoicing Options


Members receive a discounted price of $40 per day because they commit to specific day/s every week. If a member must miss a day for any reason, that day and the $40 is forfeited. It does not matter how much notice is given. If a member knows a month or two in advance that they will have to miss a day, they can pause their membership and switch to drop-in. They can then pay the drop in price for the days they will be there and not have to pay for the days they would miss in their previous membership. If a member would like to add a day in addition to their reserved membership days, they would retain the membership price and each additional day would be $40.


Drop-in clients can call in up to the morning-of to request a spot in daycare. Since they are not members, they must pay full price, which is $45 per day with a credit card on file. Daycare requests will be granted based on availability. If a drop-in client reserves a day in advance, but must cancel, they can do so with more than 36 hours notice to be eligible for credit. Clients that prefer to not have a card on file are still served but we charge a small fee.

Dog Daycare Pricing

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Existing clients can email to request, change, or cancel a booking.

Membership: Single Day Daycare with Training Single day Daycare with 1 hour of training included
Membership: Single Day Daycare with Training & One-way Pet Transport Single day of Daycare with 1 hour training, one way pick up or drop off
Membership: Single Day Daycare with Training & Two-way Pet Transport Single day of Daycare with 1 hour training, two way pick up and drop off
Daycare Screening Fee – Your dog stays for daycare one day to ensure they feel safe and comfortable joining one of our Daycare play groups.
Membership: Daily Daycare – Full day of daycare (drop off 8-9am, pick up 4:30-6pm)
Drop-In: Daily Daycare – Full day of daycare (drop off 8-9am, pick up 4:30-6pm)
Daycare Add-ons Description
One hour of training during daycare hours
Pick up from your home
Drop off to your home
Early Daycare drop off (7:00am-8:00am) By Request Only
Late pick up – Add $5 for every 15 min past 6:00pm
 No show or <24 hr cancellation notice


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My pup had the best day playing and training with the Courteous Canine team. They sent photos of her and I could tell she was having a blast. When she came home she was happy and tired, a marked improvement from other trial runs we’ve had with doggie day cares. If Courteous Canine was closer in proximity to our house this would have been our go-to doggie day care. We haven’t found it’s equal near us.

Urriste Switek

Courteous Canines is the best thing I have EVER done for my dog, Bubbles. She’s a rescue, and having been in a shelter for several months, she had quite a bit of anxiety about other daycares. But this isn’t a daycare. It’s doggy camp!!

We started in Courteous Canines agility class to build her confidence. We’d just moved across the country, she and I, and were both a bit stressed and disoriented. The agility class was a kind of reorienting, and it was phenomenal. So was the swimming class. Once she was used to the beautiful outdoor campus, I left her for the day, for the first time. Of course I cried— but Bubbles did NOT.

My girl smiles all the way to camp every day. I say, “are you ready to go see your best friends?” And she go nuts. She loves her pack. I love that she has a pack. The staff loves her, and we both love the staff.

I know that she has lifelong friends here, a sense of belonging, and a genuine feeling of home. I’m giving my girl her best possible life at Courteous Canines; I’ve never known an organization so skillful, personal, and life-enriching.

Sarah Lain

I have to thank both Marie and Elaine in the daycare program. I recently started taking my dog to day care at Courteous Canine every Friday. My dog ended up exhibiting signs of colitis from being overly excited and would often throw up and get terrible bouts of diarrhea while in their care. They were always great about notifying me if they there was ever an issue with him. I know that my dog is truly in good hands when in their care. I also love the pictures they post on Courteous Canine’s Facebook page of the dogs playing! It is great to see how much fun my dog is clearly having when I take him. I also appreciate that they rest him in between playtime so that he doesn’t get over-stimulated.

Overall, I can’t say enough great things about Courteous Canine! Every instructor I have met has been knowledgeable, patient, and extremely kind. Additionally, you can tell they all have a huge passion for animals.

Jessica Sansone