Should I select Private Training or Behavior Consulting

Great question!

Welcome to Courteous Canine where we are committed to providing you with the best dog training and pet care available – and it’s all about positive reinforcement.

We specialize in aggression, fear related problems, barking and house training. We work with dogs of any age from puppies to mature adult dogs. Your problem becomes our problem and together we find solutions.

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Private Dog Training

Private Dog Training is for simple training issues such as manners, obedience, dog sports, trick training, house training, and more. Private Training is offered at your home or on our main dog training campus in Lutz.

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Behavior Consultations

The first consultation will be 90-minutes in length, as this session requires the instructor to go over your dog’s behavior form. Each additional consultation will be 60-minutes. These consults are for aggression, barking and lunging at people, dogs, cars or bikes, or other such issues. They also include separation distress related issues and many other common behavior problems.


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Dog training founded on science and fun, offered as group classes

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Dog Manners classes include common manners and obedience cues

Private Dog Training is for simple training issues such as manners, obedience and more