Dog Behavior Consultants

Behavior consults for when your dog has issues

Whether your dog is barking, lunging, aggressive with dogs and/or people, we are here to help. We are committed to coaching using dog-friendly methods that are scientifically proven to be effective not just to bandaid by temporarily forcing your dog to hide the undesired behavior.

At Courteous Canine, our experienced dog trainers and Certified Dog Behavior Consultants specialize in aggression, fear related problems, separation anxiety related issues, and other extreme behavior problems. We work with dogs of any age from puppies to mature adult dogs. Your dog’s behavior issues become something we work on together to find solutions. We are committed to providing you with the best dog training and dog behavior consulting. It’s all about positive reinforcement. The safety of dogs and people is valued at all times.


Work with an experienced Dog Behavior Consultant

My Dog Has Issues Group Classes

Before joining this class, you much complete an average of 2-4 hours of behavior consults and receive instructor approval. To register you must obtain the registration code from the instructor.

Problem behaviors with dogs can come in many forms. Dogs may be easily distracted, they might have difficulty around other dogs, or they may behave inappropriately with other people. In many cases, problem behaviors occur because the dog is reactive, shy, fearful or unfocused. This class can help.

The class is given in a group setting, with a maximum of four dogs. The class term is six weeks, one hour-long class per week.

Having had first-hand experience with  Courteous Canine, Inc. of Tampa’s methods while attending their Control Unleashed course with my own very fearful and reactive dog,  it has not only helped me and my pet, but has given me so much insight to help patients and clients with similar issues. The positive approach to training and tips to avoiding negative triggers puts both dog and at ease and sets them up for success. I feel very fortunate to have Courteous Canine, Inc of Tampa as a resource to help my clients that have pets with problem behaviors, as well as anxiety and fear issues.


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