Dog Agility Training Classes

Jumps, Tunnels, Chutes, Contacts, and Weaves!

Dog agility training classes are a great way to build a stronger bond with your dog. It is also a great way to help get them socialized and exercised. Additionally, it happens to be a lot of fun! Currently, all agility training classes are at our Tampa campus.

We offer dog agility training classes for all shapes and sizes, and we also are happy to offer different levels depending on where your dog is. Our Intro to Agility classes include a Contacts and Weaves class, as well as a Jumps and Tunnels class. Dogs as young as one year may participate in these classes.

All of our dog agility group classes emphasize fun and work to minimize and eliminate any stress on your dog and on you. Agility sports for dogs are a form of therapy and can be tremendously beneficial for almost all dogs. Courteous Canine welcomes any and all levels from beginner to competition.

Angelica Steinker, Owner of Courteous Canine, Inc., is a published author in the field of dog training and dog agility. Her books, Agility Success: Training and Competing with Your Dog in the Winning Zone and Click and Play Agility, address the handler of the agility team and the use of clicker training techniques in the sport respectively, and emphasize the importance of playing and bonding in order to train agility behaviors to the highest level.

Intro to Agility: Jumps, Tunnels and Chutes

Exercise your dog’s body and mind with Dog Agility Training provided by the experts. Courteous Canine’s founder, Angelica Steinker, M. Ed., C.C.B.C., CAP 2, is a published author on the sport of agility, and her click and play training approach creates a rewarding and fun agility experience.

In our entry-level class, we’ll give you and your dog a sampling of the exciting world of agility competition while your dog learns how to perform jumps, tunnels and chutes that are mentally and physically challenging. Dogs learn how to perform the obstacles off both sides of the handler’s body and how to use a high rate of reward to ensure that all learning is fun. As a side benefit, many of our clients report a reduction in their dog’s problem behaviors as a result of coming to agility training.

Class Type: Group. Maximum 7 dogs
Term: 6 weeks, 1 hour-long class per week
Prerequisite: Completion of Puppy Kindergarten or Adult Dog Manners. Completion of group classes at other schools is accepted for the prerequisite.


Intro to Agility: Contacts and Weaves

This entry-level Agility class teaches your dog the foundation of weave pole training and contact obstacle performance. Just like our Agility Intro to Jumps, Tunnels and Chutes class, these training sessions mentally and physically stimulate your dog, and our emphasis is always on a high rate of reward and fun for both you and your dog.

Class Type: Group. Maximum 7 dogs
Term: 6 weeks, 1 hour-long class per week
Prerequisite: Completion of Puppy Kindergarten or Adult Dog Manners. Completion of group classes at other schools is accepted for the prerequisite.


Intermediate and Advanced Agility

After completing our intro classes, you are ready to take things to the next level. Whether you are doing agility for fun or for competition, we’ll hone your handling and training skills to improve and to have fun! Students work on segments, rather than full courses. We base all our coaching on a variety of handling methods.

Class Type: Group. Maximum 6 dogs
Term: 8 weeks, 1 hour-long class per week
Prerequisite: Completion of both Intro to Agility: Jumps, Tunnels and Chutes and Intro to Agility: Contacts and Weaves classes. Completion of Intro to Agility classes at other schools is accepted as a prerequisite


Dog Training Group Classes

Dog Training Group Classes Description Price
Intro to Agility – Jumps, Tunnels, Chutes Intro to Agility – 6-weeks Intro to Agility: Jumps, Tunnels and Chute Group Class $175
Intro to Agility – Contacts and Weaves Intro to Agility – 6-weeks Intro to Agility: Contacts and Weaves Group Class $175
Intermediate/Advanced Agility Intermediate/Advanced Agility: 6 weeks intermediate/advanced agility Group Class. $175
Dog Parkour 4 weeks Dog Parkour $116
Really Reliable Coming – Part 1 and Part 2 One time 90-minute group class. $35
Dog Swimming 101: Puppy Pool Safety One  time 90-minute Intro to swimming $35
Intro to Dock Jumping One  time 90-minute Intro to Dock Jumping. $35
Intermediate/Advanced Dock Jumping Practice 1.5 hour group practice session $35
Intro to Fun Scent Games 6-weeks Intro to Fun Scent Games Group Class. $175
Low Stress Handling and Vet Visits  One time 90-minute group happy vet visit class. $35
Lure Coursing  One time 90-minute group mini fast cat session. $40
AKC Canine Good Citizen & Pet Therapy Prep Part I 8-Weeks; requires an access code to complete registration $198
AKC Advanced Canine Good Citizen & Pet Therapy Prep Part 2 8-Weeks; requires an access code to complete registration $198
AKC Canine Good Citizen Testing Individual Testing for CGC Test if not a participant in the group class. Test maximum time is 30 minutes. Price is per dog, per test. Should the dog need longer to take the test, an hour booking is required at $65. $35
My Dog has Issues 6-weeks My Dog has Issues for Reactive Dogs Group Class. Requires private Behavior Consult first. $175
AKC Star Puppy Classes 6 session enroll and go STAR puppy kindergarten. $175
Basic Manners 6 session enroll and go program for basic manners $175
Trick Training Level 1 6 weeks of classes and the final week is testing for Trick Training Titling! Come join for titling, FUN, mental stimulation, warm-up and make people smile!
Trick Training Level 2 -Movement and Tricks to Music Creating Routines and Dog Dancing! 6 weeks of classes that build upon level 1. $175
Intro To Dog Dancing Freestyle Create a 30-second routine to music one time 90-minute workshop $35
Dog Training Rain Policy


For private training and group instruction that is held outdoors, we will make every attempt to contact students at least two hours before if we are canceling class. Classes are held during light rain, if there is lightning classes are cancelled. If you see lightning during your class, please let your instructor know immediately.

If you don’t hear from your instructor, your class will occur as scheduled.

courteous canine vaccines icon


To participate in class, your dog must have received:

  • Distemper/Parvo (core combination)
  • Leptospirosis
  • Rabies
  • Bordetella
  • Canine Influenza

If your dog is not eligible for these vaccines, we will also accept a letter of exemption from your veterinarian due to your dog’s age or medical status.


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Angelica’s agility coaching offers three things that were non-negotiable. 1. She is committed to fun: dogs and people learn using methods that get the best results possible but force free. 2. She is a CASI Institute Graduate, CASI and Dognostics Faculty Member and a trainer’s trainer. She understands behavior which means she can help me address training challenges with my unique breed choice. And, 3. Angelica has a deep interest and commitment to me and my dogs. Angelica’s coaching, for both training and handling, have helped me learn agility at its highest level. She has allowed me to run her own dogs, helping me to refine my handling skills. Angelica has taught me that it is not the outcome of any agility goal but rather the journey and having my best friends, my dogs, by my side that truly matters. If I experience a training or trialing frustrations, I see the joy in the process even when it isn’t progressing at some artificial pace that is not realistic for me or my dogs. I continue to learn the art of training as my dogs need it with a consistent emphasis on fun. Angelica offers training that is truly customized to each individual dog, as can only be offered by someone who has been in behavior modification, agility training, and competing for 20 years.

Stacey Saundry

I would definitely recommend Courteous Canine to anyone looking for a great dog training facility. I originally took my dog to Courteous Canine for agility training. I signed up for the Intro to Jumps and Tunnels with Alex and my dog and I absolutely loved the class! I also really appreciated Alex’s patience with all the handlers and dogs in the class. I had a previous bad experience with a trainer at another facility when taking an agility class and was nervous about entering into another, as my dog is far from an agility champion however, Alex put all my worries at ease immediately.

Jessica Sansone, Google

We started in Courteous Canines agility class to build her confidence. We’d just moved across the country, she and I, and were both a bit stressed and disoriented. The agility class was a kind of reorienting, and it was phenomenal. So was the swimming class. Once she was used to the beautiful outdoor campus, I left her for the day, for the first time. Of course I cried— but Bubbles did NOT.

Sarah Lain, Google

I simply love Courteous Canine, in particular, Angelica Steinker, M.Ed., C.C.B.C., CAP2, author of “Click & Play Agility,” who is helping Maxine and me learn how to run an agility course. We’ve come farther than I thought we could and the only thing holding Maxine back is my memory of the course. Angelica is teaching me how to handle Maxine and give her cues for the obstacles to maneuver. Angelica makes class a fun experience, cheering you on for your strong points and helping you through your weak points. We see others attending other classes at Courteous Canine and all students, both canine & human, come out smiling as broadly as Maxine and I do after class. COURTEOUS CANINE IS THE BEST!

Arleen Anderson, Google

Winnie and I really like this place. My 18 month old Aussie and I have been doing Intro level Agility Training with Alex. We are both learning a lot of new training techniques. Winnie knows when we are going to class and gets really excited on the drive. Alex is super positive and shares tricks to help both the dog and handler master the skills. We plan to continue on to the next level.

Paul Wimmert, Google

So glad we found Courteous Canine. So far my dog Auggie has graduated from Basic Manners and both basic Agility classes. She also took a swim lesson so Mom does not worry when she is outside by the pool. She loves all the attention, learning new things and socializing with her doggie classmates. Can’t wait to start the Advanced Agility soon. Thank you to all the wonderful instructors!!

Teresa, Google