On-Leash Dog Snake Avoidance Training

Keeping you and your dog safe

snake avoidance training for dogs in tampa
Eastern Coral Snake

Note the black nose

snake avoidance training for dogs in tampa
Scarlett King Snake

Note the red nose

Learn how to train your dog to avoid a snake the positive, force-free way. Improve your dog’s response in an emergency situation while on leash.

This program is designed to help both humans and dogs enjoy outdoor activities on leash in Florida – a state which is home to 6 types of venomous snakes. Learn how you and your dog should respond if you encounter a snake on a walk. Dog snake avoidance training is currently offered in private training sessions on our Tampa dog training campus. Please note that this training cannot be provided virtually and is only available in a private training setting.

This training does not offer any guarantees, but provides a thorough education on the best means for avoiding a snake encounter with your dog. This program is not able to provide any off-leash training. This program is designed for on-leash interactions and encounters with snakes, where a handler is able to safely supervise and communicate with their dog in the event of encountering a snake. Permitting a dog to be off-leash and unsupervised in a public place is not legally permitted in the state of Florida and poses a safety hazard. 

Snake Avoidance Questionaire

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Snake Avoidance Questionairre
Do you let your dog run off leash in wooded areas?
Has your dog ever encountered a snake?
Has your dog already been exposed to snake avoidance training?


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They are professional, knowledgeable, and are interested in training your dog. They work with you and take the time to answer questions or concerns and they offer clear explanations or demonstrations of the tasks that the dog is learning to do. You have their undivided attention and you feel that they are focused on your dog. They evaluate your dog and give you feedback each visit. They email you with a review of each session, homework and what is planned for the next visit. They are reliable and can be contacted by email with a timely response. The training sessions are individualized to your dog and are kept short with rest periods as needed. This has been a positive experience and we look forward in achieving our goals. We highly recommend this facility.


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Our time with Courteous Canine over the years always surpasses expectations. Every staff is trained at a level unmatched throughout Tampa Bay. We feel blessed to have found a place that we can trust whole-heartedly in their recommendations to vets, training, etc for our fur babies. Any time I have questioned a method, they have always been able to explain it with current evidentiary support and the dogs well-being in the forefront. Even when one of our dogs was not able to attend day care until we were able to work through a certain behavior, we knew it was in the best interest of our dog and the others in the care of Courteous Canine. It’s this level of consistency and “canines first” mentality that has made us such a strong advocate for this group.


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Compassionate, knowledgeable team of trainers who are committed to positive, force-free training! There are a wide variety of services to meet almost any dog training need.


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