certified dog trainer tampa

Alex Reinhart, CBCC-KA

Director of Training | She/Her

  • Certified Behavior Consultant Canine – Knowledge Assessed (CBCC-KA)
  • Professional Canine Trainer – Accredited (PCT – A)
  • AKC Canine Good Citizen and STAR Puppy Evaluator
  • Certified Service Dog Coach (SDC)
  • CATCH Canine Trainers Academy Mentor Trainer
  • Certified Pet Care Technician

A graduate of the University of South Florida, Alex holds Bachelor’s degrees in both Psychology and Anthropology and remains an active member of The National Honor Society of Psychology as well as The National Society of Collegiate Scholars.

Alex is proud to be a Professional Canine Trainer accredited through The Pet Professional Guild as well as a Certified Behavior Consultant Canine – Knowledge Assessed through The Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers. She currently operates as the Director of Training at Courteous Canine Inc. one of the largest positive reinforcement-based dog training schools in the Tampa Bay area.

Alex got her start in the animal training field as an exotic animal trainer and handler while working at Busch Gardens as well as Zoo Tampa at Lowry Park as an Animal Ambassador Trainer. It was here that she was first exposed to the power of positive reinforcement training and how to apply these methods with a variety of species both domestic and exotic before choosing to focus on helping pet parents and their furry family members.

She is a regular columnist for the animal training-based publication BARKS from the Guild and has written pieces detailing her work with both domestic and exotic animals.

Alex believes that as a professional trainer we never really stop learning and education and access to information are some of the most important tools that we have to grow as professionals in the dog training field. A guest lecturer at Eckerd College in Florida during their Enrichment and Animal Welfare course. Alex believes in spreading information about humane training methods for all species. Regularly attending educational conferences and workshops Alex has completed Precision Behavior’s Advanced Animal Training Workshop sponsored by the Clearwater Marine Aquarium among others and is currently pursuing additional training accreditations.

In addition to her professional credentials Alex also has a passion for animal rehabilitation and rescue, working closely with organizations like Animalluvr’s Dream Rescue where she adopted two of her three dogs and still frequently provides her services in rescue dog evaluations and training prior to adoption. She has also completed internships through companies like Southeastern Guide Dogs Inc. where she spent three months working with the staff within the Genetics and Reproduction Department and participated in guide dog behavioral evaluations, early puppy education programs and the cryopreservation and breeding of the next generation of guide dogs.

Alex looks forward to continuing to grow with the help of her dogs Leo, Dante and Trace as well as the wonderful staff and clients at Courteous Canine Inc.

Christopher Tiller

Christopher Tiller

Canine Communication | He/Him

  • Pet First Aid Certified, DogNostics Career Center
  • Canine Communication grad, DogNostics Career Center
  • AKC Canine Good Citizen Evaluator

Christopher Tiller’s journey into dog training starts as many have started. He fell in love with a dog. Stanley was abandoned in a shelter and as Chris soon learned had experiences with humans that shaped his distrust of all of them. Slowly Chris was able to earn Stanley’s trust and he began to seek the counsel of professional trainers. Quickly, Chris learned that there were two fundamentally opposite ways of training dogs, one, forceful using choke, prong, and shock collars; and the other, based on science, fun, and play. To Chris using force with a scared dog that distrusted humans made no sense and so Chris committed to force-free training.

An avid reader, Chris started reading science-based dog training books as fast as he could. Next, he started enrolling in online webinars. None of this was enough to feed his passion for learning about dog training so he began volunteering at a shelter. While he found the work tremendously rewarding, ultimately Chris felt he could make even more of a difference being part of a dog school and so he joined the team of Courteous Canine, Inc.

Chris has completed online training in canine communication and is certified in pet first aid. Chris is completing requirements for his CCPDT certification as a professional dog trainer. He has a special interest in trick training, shy dogs, fearful dogs, and an intense passion for the science of behavior and learning.

Chris teaches Puppy Kindergarten, Basic Manners and is available for Private Training and would love the opportunity to work with you!

Heather Frederick

Heather Frederick


Born and raised in Florida Heather Frederick loves the gorgeous weather especially when spending time outside with her two dogs. Mo who is a male Shiba Inu, 7 years old and his full sibling Midas also a male. Mo is a big sweet boy that loves affection who his family refers to as a “teddy bear”. Midas is the complete opposite. He is very high energy and playful all the time. Heather owned a bakery for more than six years. Heather still loves baking in her free time and says she learned the most important part of this art from her Grandmother. Heather is obsessed with all matters dog and says that they are fundamentally “too good for us!”
Heather is married to a great man who shares her love of animals for more than 20 years. They have two children, a son and a daughter who are both making wonderful contributions to society. Heather loves her job at Courteous Canine, Inc. and is happy that we share her values of being loving and kind to all beings.

Graduated from Pet Emergency Education Pet First Aid and CPR training.

Sandra Boatman

Bookkeeper | She/Her

Sandra is a native Floridian, born and raised in Titusville, Florida (on the east coast). She moved to the Tampa area in 1999 with her husband, Allen. She has two children, Sara (20 years old) and Jess (17 years old) and two dogs, Bibble (11 yr old Shih tzu) and Pookie (4 yr old Shih tzu mix). Dogs have had a special place in her heart for most of her adult life.

Her family and faith are the most important things to her. She loves spending time with her family and her dogs. She also spends time volunteering for her church working with the youth and the production team. She also volunteers as the club secretary for the Tampa Bay Junior Bass Club.

She graduated from USF in 2000 with a BS in Management of Information Systems. After that, she, thankfully, was able to stay home with her children while they were young and worked part-time as a substitute teacher when they started school. She has worked as a bookkeeper since 2013, as I enjoy working with numbers and math.

Graduated from Pet Emergency Education Pet First Aid and CPR training.

julie nueman

Valentino Lipscomb

Trainer | He/Him

Valentino Lipscomb is a first-generation Cuban-American, originally from South Florida, and has spent his life with a huge variety of animals including guinea pigs and horses. Val helped train to the highest levels in Western Trial and Showmanship using only force-free methods.
He currently lives with dogs, a tortoise, and chickens, ducks, and geese. And considers his hobbies to be herpetology, homesteading, and cooking. Val is easy to talk with and is chronically intellectually curious being most intrigued by the “why” questions when it comes to dogs and animal behavior. Val loves traveling to national parks and has been to most of them in the United States.
In terms of dog sports, he is most interested in dog dock jumping, lure coursing, rally obedience, scent and hunt training. He has a special interest in working with adolescent dogs and has a personal preference for large dogs.
Academically he is interested in psychology, early childhood psychology, and sociology. Val is available for group class training and private training, dog dock jumping, lure coursing, puppy training, and basic manners. He is also available for service dog training. Val is fluent in Spanish and is happy to work with Spanish-speaking clients!
Beth Napolitano certified dog trainer

Beth Napolitano, CPDT-KA

Pet Care Technician | She/Her

  • Advanced Pet Care Technician Level 2
  • Dog Behavior Technician Intern

Beth was a staff hospital nurse for 40 years and enjoyed working in Hospice’s Home Care Division for a brief time. She took 8 years off from nursing to own and operate a successful bakery business with her husband. Beth and her husband share their home with a cat and 2 Beagles, Murphy and Sadie. Murphy and Sadie have been in puppy kindergarten, fun scent games, and agility classes at Courteous Canine, Inc. over the last 2 1/2 years. Murphy earned his Canine Good Citizen certification as well. Beth and Sadie have done private behavior counseling with Angelica due to anxiety issues. She learned skills to successfully manage Sadie’s anxiety using the positive methods. Beth studied at DogNostics Career College and is now a CPCT, level 2 and pet first aid certified. She also teaches classes at Courteous Canine and says that she loves the fun atmosphere and positive, force-free training methods used by all their instructors. Beth is a member of the Pet Professional Guild and has even had a couple of her articles published in their “BARKs” magazine!

laura Capuana

Laura Capuana

Pet Care Technician | She/Her

  • Certified Pet Care Technician (Level 2) from the DogNostics Career College
  • Graduated from Pet Emergency Education Pet First Aid and CPR training.
  • member of the Pet Professional Guild

Originally from Italy, Laura grew up with many animals, such as dogs, cats, ducks, rabbits, chickens and even had a goat. As a child, she would often find abandoned animals on her way home from school and take them home with her to give them loving care. You could say she is an animal lover at heart and keeps a warm place for rescue animals. Her passion for animals led her to adopting a dog (daughter) named Roxy. Roxy is a Coonhound mix who loves to play and learn new tricks.

Laura has an interest for animal behavior; especially dog aggression, which she will pursue in the future. Laura is a Certified Pet Care Technician (Level 2) from the DogNostics Career College and is also CPR and first-aid certified through Pet Tech. Laura is also a member of the Pet Professional Guild.

Scott Poteri

Scott Poteri

Pet Care Technician, NADD Dock Diving Judge | He/Him

  • Advanced Pet Care Technician Level 2
  • Certified Dock Diving Judge – North American Diving Dogs

Scott Poteri is our Dock Diving instructor here at Courteous Canine. He has always had an animal of some kind as a pet in his life. He has worked in animal rescue has volunteered, fostered, and placed dogs with United Yorkie Rescue. One of his Golden Retrievers, Wish, has earned her AKC Canine Good Citizen certification and is a registered pet therapy team with Project Pup, and do weekly pet therapy sessions with the patients at Suncoast Hospice.

He is also a Senior Judge with North American Diving Dogs which requires intensive training and the completion of judging thousands jumps, as a result he is also a field rep for the southeast area of the US and member of the Rules Committee for NADD. Besides teaching at Courteous Canine, he also judges at most of the mobile dock events and 3 other Diving Dog facilities in Florida and Georgia. Scott has an intense passion for all dog sports, but his main passion is competitive Dock Diving, with his Golden Retrievers, Wish and Doobie.

Alicia Conover

Alicia Conover

Trainer/Technician | She/Her

  • Bachelor of Science in Psychology, minoring in Zoology, University of Florida

Alicia graduated from the University of Florida with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology, minoring in Zoology. She focused her education on animal behavior and participated in conducting ongoing research on canine cognition. She has spent 8 years working in animal shelters/rescues helping cats, dogs and small mammals find and stay in their forever homes as well as counsel people about their pet’s behavior issues to help keep them in their home and out of the shelter. She has a passion for animal behavior for all animals (including humans!) but particularly loves working with cats. She has expertise in working with all sorts of cat behavior topics including litter box issues, cat introductions, cat-human aggression and clicker training cats – yes, you CAN train cats! In addition to training dogs and cats, Alicia teaches high school Marine Science and Anatomy & Physiology.

Melissa Stamm certified dog trainer in tampa

Dylan Leo


Dylan’s dog training career started when his service dog was a little more high-energy than was planned. Dylan got his first Mini Aussie and immediately started getting into dog sports. Dylan’s favorite sports are agility, scent, and dog dock jumping. Dylan has also competed in Disc Dog, FAST CAT (lure coursing), Conformation, and Rally Obedience. Dylan has extensive experience with labs, herding breeds, and German Shepherds. Dylan has also titled several dogs in AKCs Trick Dog program and the 3 Canine Good Citizen programs.
Dylan has taught private training and group classes for one of the major box stores and he is pet first aid certified. Special interests are clicker training and recall (coming when called) training. Dylan has a deep passion for the behavior modification program called Control Unleashed developed by Leslie McDevitt. Dylan is a huge fan of and participant in continuing education, one of his favorites being Denise Fenzi Academy. Dylan loves working with dogs that are reactive or have arousal issues.
Donald Shelton

Donald Shelton

Trainer | He/Him

  • Animal Psychology at Smithsonian’s National Zoo
  • Pet First Aid Certified, DogNostics Career Center
    Pet Sitter

Donald was born and raised in California. In June 2018, he and his wife moved to Tampa from Switzerland after living there for almost 40 years. He worked as a Biologist. He also took an extracurricular class, Animal Psychology at Smithsonian’s National Zoo. He had 2 dogs, Bonbon and Brooklyn, that both could understand sign language. Often, he brought Bonbon to some classes at university. Donald, also had a deaf cat “Flocon” who made his own few signs or gestures to help Donald understand what he wants or needs. During his life, he has had 5 dogs, 3 cats and many small animals.

Lindsay Fowler

Lindsay Fowler


  •  B.S. in Zoo Science
Lindsay has a B.S. in Zoo Science and has worked with a huge amount of animals including giraffes, parrots, monkeys and hippos. She is pet first aid certified by DogNostics Career Center. She loves learning about behavior and is especially motivated to help people and their dogs deepen their bond and improve their communication.
Lindsay was born in a small town in IL, USA. She loves traveling and especially the Smoky Mountains. In her free time she likes to read, to bake and anything related to nature. She loves all dogs being unable to pick any favorites in terms of size but she does love fluffy coats! She is most fascinated by observing dogs, especially subtle communication signals. She has attended many training sessions on enrichment in the zoo world. In the dog world she is pursuing certification with CCPDT while working for Courteous Canine, Inc. Her special interests are puppy training and basic manners.
Christy Parker certified dog trainer

Christy Parker, CPDT-KA

Trainer, AKC Canine Good Citizen Evaluator | She/Her

  • Certified Professional Dog Trainer-Knowledge Assessed (CPDT-KA®)
  • AKC Canine Good Citizen Evaluator
  • Certified FL-SARC Animal First Responder
  • Pet First Aid Certified
  • CSAT
  • Jax

Christy has been working as a Professional Figure Skater traveling the world for 12 years. Originally from Cincinnati, Ohio, she decided to settle down in Florida when she accepted a figure skating contract at Busch Gardens. During this time, she began studying animal behavior in her spare time and hasn’t stopped learning since.

Her passion for animals has existed since the day she was born. She believes she was put on this Earth to help animals; specifically, teaching dogs and their families how to build a strong bond through training.

She went on to start working in a dog shelter where she found a profound love for rescue. Christy got hands-on experience rehabilitating, training, and fostering a wide variety of breeds, as well as those exhibiting fear, aggression, anxiety, and reactivity. Christy is an active volunteer for multiple different rescues such as Husky Haven of Florida where she assists in fostering, transport, and performing behavior assessments on dogs entering the rescues.

Christy is proud to share her life with her 5 rescue dogs Keela (Retriever mix), Lumen (Siberian Husky), Teegan (Husky/Malamute mix), her first “foster fail” Zayn (Siberian Husky mix), and the newest addition, Jaxon (Husky mix).

Currently pursuing a Behavior Consultant Certification, she regularly attends dog training seminars, workshops, and jumps at the chance of any additional hands-on training and behavior modification opportunities. Christy looks forward to growing with Courteous Canine!

Ashleen Jean Pierre, Daycare Manager and Trainer

Ashleen Jean Pierre

Daycare Manager and Trainer | She/Her

Ashleen was born in paradise between the Bahamas and Haiti in Turks and Caicos Islands and she was raised in South Florida! She was raised with an Aussie German Shepherd mix and two cats and some farm animals. As a child, she would catch turtles, frogs, and lizards.
In addition to loving all things dog related, especially their history and innate behaviors, Ashleen loves to read, write, do gardening, and to sow. Her favorite topics in school were literature, art, history, science, and most recently behavior analysis which creates an ideal basis for dog behavior. She is currently in school pursuing a degree in behavior science.
In the past Ashleen has volunteered at an animal sanctuary and she plans to become a certified pet dog trainer via CCPDT. She believes that animals are truly a gift to this world and that working with dogs furthers her love and respect for all animals.

Graduated from Pet Emergency Education Pet First Aid and CPR training.

Joe Souza

Joe Souza

Conditioning Specialist, Judge, Evaluator | He/Him

  • Certified Canine Conditioning Specialist
  • Certified Dock Diving Judge – North America Diving Dogs
  • TC3 trained (Tactical Canine Casualty Care) – Veterinary Tactical Group
  • AKC Star Puppy and Canine Good Citizen Evaluator

Joe is a professional applications engineer by trade, but he’s the happy dog-father of three great Labrador Retrievers affectionately named “Team Ripped K9”. With many years of dog training experience under his belt, he decided to embark on a study of canine conditioning and he now works exclusively in that realm. Joe found that there are many exceptional obedience trainers, a plethora of sport-specific trainers, and a vast number of quality working dog trainers… but there are few trainers that specialize in physical conditioning, and studies show that a dog in top physical condition is less likely to suffer injuries than a weekend warrior. No matter if your dog is a working dog, excels in dog sports, or a couch potato, your dog can benefit from a custom designed training program.
On the fun side, Joe is a swimming, dock diving, and lure coursing instructor here at Courteous Canine, and he’s a certified judge with the North America Diving Dogs (NADD) organization. He’s also an instructor holding a 5th Degree “Master” rank in the martial art of Tang Soo Do, a private pilot, and an avid hiker and scuba diver… oh, and let’s not forget the father of two great human kids!

Janet Stephenson

Janet Stephenson


  • Pursuing canine communication certifications while working towards her general dog training certification
  • Graduated from Pet Emergency Education Pet First Aid and CPR training.

Janet is most interested in why dogs do what they do, which is fundamentally the most important and interesting question of all dog behavior. She currently has one dog, a gorgeous Sheltie named Gypsy, and two domestic shorthair cats. She has a deep interest in agility and scent work training and has competed in both.

In her free time Janet likes to bird watch and bike ride and has gone skydiving. An interesting fact about Janet is that she grew up in the Middle East as her dad worked for the airlines. Because of this she has had the ability to travel the world including seeing Australia and its barrier reef! Her favorite topics in school were art and biology.

She plans on getting certified as a scent dog instructor and has a special interest in pet therapy in which Gypsy is certified. Janet also loves trick training which dovetails nicely with her pet therapy passion. Janet loves grooming Gypsy and finds this activity calming. Janet is pursuing pet first aid and canine communication certifications while working towards her general dog training certification.

Will Grabert

Will Grabert


  • Currently completing IAABC Dog Behavior Consultant certification.
Will is a serious dog person because he states his hobbies are competition obedience and agility and only digital art as a side note. He has a special interest in ethology and genetics. In terms of dog training he loves anything trick training related and has trained both dogs and birds to perform them. He is also deeply interested in scent training and highly skilled service dog training.
Will is an active person that enjoys canicross, dog assisted jogging which includes a harnessed dog that pulls the human a bit to enable further distances. This sport includes competitions but sadly none are currently being held in Florida. Will also enjoys hiking with his dogs.
In school Will loved the subjects of history, anatomy and of course psychology. Will is a former paramedic that is pet first aid trained. He is currently completing his IAABC Dog Behavior Consultant certification.
Will is happily married and his husband shares his love of all matters dogs and dog training. He has lived in the Washington DC area and Hawaii! They currently parent six dogs including fostering dogs in need. They also share their home with 32 ducks and a pigeon! Will is available for private training, dog sport training, service dog training and of course behavior consulting!
Josh Berube

Josh Berube

Dog Trainer | He/Him

  • Completed training with Animal Behavior College, graduating with distinction

Josh is originally from Massachusetts but moved to Florida right after high school.  He is lucky to have married his high school sweetheart; together they have one amazing child.

He has been around animals his entire life.  Currently he has 4 dogs, 2 cats, 2 birds and a snake!  Josh has always found spending time with animals to be very rewarding. He is particularly interested in learning more about what helps to strengthen the bond between us and our dogs. Josh gravitated to a positive reinforcement and rewards based method even before his formal education.

Josh completed a training program with Animal Behavior College, graduating with distinction. Josh had a special interest in ethics and of course bond increasing training methods. He is currently teaching puppy and basic manners and is available for both on campus and in home private training. He plans on continuing his education with a special focus on behavior.

In his free time, Josh is a football fan and enjoys watching and playing sports.  He spends his free time hanging out with my family and playing with the animals.  Sometimes you may even find him playing some pool.

Naomi Marsh certified dog trainer

Naomi Marsh, CPDT-KA

Certified Professional Dog Trainer | She/Her

  • Certified Professional Dog Trainer, Knowledge-Assessed (CPDT-KA)
  • American Kennel Club Canine Good Citizen Program Evaluator (CGC) and Star Puppy
  • Field Representative Trainer for Paws with a Cause
  • Graduated from Pet Emergency Education Pet First Aid and CPR training.

Naomi Marsh has maintained a lifelong passion for animal  training, particularly for dogs. Naomi was raised in Cleveland,  Ohio. She received her Bachelor of Science in Zoology at Ohio  University and received her doctorate degree before moving to  Florida.

Naomi has taught dog training classes in Clearwater, Florida and is an avid student of positive and motivational education  techniques.

She enjoys working with private and group training dogs and their clients, and  derives much gratification from training and assisting the each dog and parent team.

Loving Musical Freestyle because of its unlimited training  possibilities, Naomi founded the Doggone Dancers and  performed movement to music with several dogs and handlers and brings this to the Courteous Canine, Inc. team. Naomi’s favorite time is spent with her two retrievers, Murphy  and Wren.

Naomi is a valued member of the Courteous Canine team and is always seeking to enhance her teaching and learning.

Russ Fullwood

Russ Fullwood

Daycare Pet Technician | he/him

Russ has traveled to the United States and Mexico. He grew up with terriers and cats and even a parrot. In terms of small pets, he has parented hamsters, guinea pigs, and iguanas! He is interested in the how and why of animal behavior and play-related concepts.
In his free time, he likes to listen to music, read and participate in martial arts. He also enjoys going to movies and playing along with game shows. He is pursuing certifications in canine communications and pet first aid.
Russ’s personal favorite are large dogs, especially the breeds related to water rescue. When it comes to type or length of fur Russ has no preference for loving all dogs regardless of type of coat.
In the past, Russ has worked at Busch Gardens caring for animals by cleaning and preparing food. Our daycare dogs give Russ a huge paws-up rating as they enjoy their time with him!
Kathy DInes

Kathy Dines

Accounting | She/Her

Kathy is Courteous Canine, Inc.’s Accountant and specializes in helping us operate more efficiently in terms of evaluating our process flows and technology and generating ideas for improvement. She has worked in corporate America and traveled the Caribbean and South America.

Kathy adopts homeless senior dogs and has a preference for scrappy wire haired terriers. She grew up with all kinds of animals ranging from cows to cats! Her hobbies are spending time with her dogs, music and anything related to nature.Kathy was originally from Pittsburgh, PA. She moved to Florida in 2009 with her husband and five teenagers. She volunteered at a shelter then worked at a dog daycare.

Kathy was originally from Pittsburgh, PA. She moved to Florida in 2009 with her husband and five teenagers. She volunteered at a shelter then worked at a dog daycare.

Angelica Steinker certified dog trainer

Angelica Steinker

President and Founder | She/Her

For more than 20 years full time, Angelica Steinker, Owner of Courteous Canine, Inc., has specialized in dog training methods that create Results the Fun Way.

Using Consent Testing and Empowerment Training Angelica and her team of professional dog trainers have successfully trained thousands of puppies and adult dogs in basic manners/obedience, trick training, behavior consutling, agility, dock jumping and other skills, all while increasing the bond of trust between dogs and their human companions.

Read more about Angelica’s credentials.

Shanice Williams

Jazmine Pinero

Executive Assistant | She/Her

  • Bachelor’s of Science in Public Health from the University of South Florida
  • Graduated from Pet Emergency Education Pet First Aid and CPR training.

Jazmine is originally from Chicago, IL but moved to the Tampa, FL area when she was young. She and her partner are the parents of their one dog named Winston and their two cats named Butter, and Speed-Wagon.

Jazmine became very passionate about everything dog-related when she first adopted Winston as a puppy. He is very high energy and eager to learn which made Jazmine very interested in training him. She hopes to one day soon work towards becoming a dog trainer.

In her free time Jazmine loves to crochet, read books, cook with her partner who is a chef, and of course, spend time with her animals. In the future, she would love to foster animals and rescue them.

Dejour Turley

Dejour Turley

Dog Behavior Technician | She/Her

  • Dertified in canine communication
  • Graduated from Pet Emergency Education Pet First Aid and CPR training.

Dejour moved to Florida in 2021 and parents a ball python named Chloe. Dejour grew up with a Doberman Pinscher named Ice and has also had guinea pigs, rabbits and a hamster! Her hobbies include reading, gardening, writing, nature walks and video games. Dejour loves to learn about insects, microorganisms and prehistoric animals and of course dogs!

Dejour is currently certified in canine communication and is completing her pet first aid certification. In High School she completed vet assistant 1 and 2. She plans on pursuing further education in biochemistry, specifically sustainable engineering inspired by nature! Dejour is currently part of the dog daycare team but plans on expanding into dog training.

Naomi Marsh certified dog trainer

Allie Egan


  • Currently working toward her certification as a dog trainer
  • Graduated from Pet Emergency Education Pet First Aid and CPR training.
Allie is originally from Georgia. She and her partner parent two dogs and a cat! Her dog Layla is extremely active and has “pushed” Allie into agility and other dog sports such as dock jumping. Allie and her family are outdoorsy who enjoy horseback riding and other outdoor activities in the Tampa bay area including hiking on nature trails.

Allie loves learning about dogs, science, Italy, a country she has visited. She has a special interest in Pet Therapy, Trick Training, Agility, and dock jumping. Allie is working toward her certification as a dog trainer. In college Allie focused on psychology which she continues to have an interest in. In terms of breeds Allie is most interested in working with very active dogs because of her two active herding breed mixes.

In her former life Allie worked as a pet sitter and she currently works part time for a human grade quality dog food company. Allie is known for her contagious smile, positive attitude and endless passion for learning about dogs and their behavior.

Naomi Marsh certified dog trainer

Iris Van Buuren


  • Certified in Pet First Aid, Canine Communication, and Canine Massage.

Iris is originally from the Netherlands in Europe and has visited many European countries, including Spain, France, Italy and Malta.

Iris has a deep love for Saint Bernards. Her current Saint Bernard pup is a beautiful female and shares her life with Iris, her husband and their four kids.

Iris has parented not only humans, but also dogs, cats, hamsters, rabbits, and horses. She is a former professional groomer; a profession in which she worked for more than 10 years. Her favorite topic in school was biology. In her free time she enjoys learning about cooking and going with her family to the beach.

She has an interest in clicker training. She plans on getting certifications in pet first aid, canine communication, canine massage and, due to her strong interest in it, clicker training as well. Iris is currently pet sitting for Courteous Canine and plans to move into training.

Kimberly Archer


  • Pet Behavior Specialist,
  • CPDT-KA,
  • CTDI,
  • Certified Scent Instructor,
  • AKC CGC & STAR Evaluator
  • Graduated from Pet Emergency Education Pet First Aid and CPR training.

Kimberly has loved animals for her whole life so she got her B.S. in Animal Science from the University of Florida and has been training animals ever since. She is a Certified Professional Dog Trainer – Knowledge Assessed through CCPDT, a Certified Trick Dog Instructor through Do More With Your Dog, and a Certified Canine Scent Instructor through the UK College of Scent Dogs.

She loves dog training of all kinds but is especially passionate about advanced skills like scent work, tricks, and task training. She also loves puppy training and basic manners because of the impact it has on a family’s life when the humans and dogs are able to better communicate with each other.
Her love for training extends past just dogs, she also has a passion for the training and behavior of small pets. Two of her guinea pigs, Maple and Java, each hold trick titles, and her newest two adoptees, Lemondrop and Kahlua, are working towards titles as well. She’s also teaching all four of her guinea pigs button communication so she can better understand how these little furballs think and feel.