Dog Training Founded on science and a simple philosophy

Fun for all involved!

Welcome to Courteous Canine, where we are committed to providing you with the best dog training and pet care available. We focus on positive reinforcement dog training – our dog training gets results the fun way!

We specialize in aggression, fear related problems, barking, and house training. We work with dogs of any age, from puppies to mature adult dogs. Your problem becomes our problem and together we find solutions through positive reinforcement dog training.

Our Dog Training Mission

Courteous Canine is committed to providing the best dog training and quality pet care for dogs and through engagement and education which cultivates positive human-canine relationships.

Our Dog Training Vision

To be a leading innovator in providing the most effective and most humane dog training and pet care services possible.

Our Dog Training Values

Dog training founded on science and fun, offered as group classes

dog manners training in tampa by courteous canine

Dog Manners classes include common manners and obedience cues

Private Dog Training is for simple training issues such as manners, obedience and more


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Our trainer, Alexandra is always on time and professional. She has helped us get our Belgian Malinois comfortable with our grandson (and vice versa) so he can watch him while we go on vacation. We were concerned about leaving him, and boarding was not a good option at this time due to his aggression. We have had to sedate him for Vet appointments. Thanks to her skills, the two are now friends and get along great. Night and day difference. Thanks Alex !!

Gary Holyoke, Google

They are professional, knowledgeable, and are interested in training your dog. They work with you and take the time to answer questions or concerns and they offer clear explanations or demonstrations of the tasks that the dog is learning to do. You have their undivided attention and you feel that they are focused on your dog. They evaluate your dog and give you feedback each visit. They email you with a review of each session, homework and what is planned for the next visit. They are reliable and can be contacted by email with a timely response. The training sessions are individualized to your dog and are kept short with rest periods as needed. This has been a positive experience and we look forward in achieving our goals. We highly recommend this facility.

Carol Davis, Google

I had such a great experience here with my dog’s puppy training and beginning obedience! I am a solid believer that getting your pup and pets some basic manners, some solid hands on training is 100% best investment after shots and tags! Please help yourself and your pet! Socialized pets lead to a happier pet and experience! I really felt it improved the bond as my dog learned cues and commands for rewards of affirmation, affection or treat.

Wyndy Olson, Google

During my consultation with Courteous Canine I learned a lot about my dog, developed a new appreciation and respect for the challenges my dog faces, and felt hope for the first time in a long time. I look forward to continuing our training here. Update- we continued training here and my dog is far less reactive around other dogs. We are both more calm and confident and have bonded with each other. Angelica is such a strong advocate for Sugar and I can’t say enough good things about learning from her.

Jeannine Thompson, Google

Courteous Canines is the best thing I have EVER done for my dog, Bubbles. She’s a rescue, and having been in a shelter for several months, she had quite a bit of anxiety about other daycares. But this isn’t a daycare. It’s doggy camp!!

We started in Courteous Canines agility class to build her confidence. We’d just moved across the country, she and I, and were both a bit stressed and disoriented. The agility class was a kind of reorienting, and it was phenomenal. So was the swimming class. Once she was used to the beautiful outdoor campus, I left her for the day, for the first time. Of course I cried— but Bubbles did NOT.

My girl smiles all the way to camp every day. I say, “are you ready to go see your best friends?” And she go nuts. She loves her pack. I love that she has a pack. The staff loves her, and we both love the staff.

I know that she has lifelong friends here, a sense of belonging, and a genuine feeling of home. I’m giving my girl her best possible life at Courteous Canines; I’ve never known an organization so skillful, personal, and life-enriching.

Sarah Lain , Google