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Beware the Giant African Land Snail

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Beware the Giant African Land Snail By Kimberly "Kim" Archer, CPDT-KA, CTDI The Giant African Land Snail is an incredibly dangerous snail invasive to Florida, and it is also irradicated with an equally dangerous bait, metaldehyde. Florida has previously successfully eradicated these snails, and plans to do so again, but in the meantime everyone should remain vigilant for both themselves and their pets, as thousands [...]

Being Wrong is Right

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Turns out that humans have a huge problem-- we love to be right. The problem is that this is dangerous and actually causes serious tragedies and even death, according to Being Wrong: Adventures in the Margin of Error author Kathryn Schulz. Schulz explains how planes crash as a result of a pilot refusing to admit error. And as Schulz delves into the topic you can’t [...]

Dog Training’s Dirty Little Secret: Anyone Can Legally Do It

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Dog training is an unregulated industry although dogs need to be licensed. By Marc Bekoff Ph.D. Dogs and humans beware During the past year I've had a number of emails from people both lauding and severely criticizing the dog trainers to whom they went to help them teach their dog to live with them in their homes and elsewhere. Of course, different people have different [...]

News Flash: Dogs Remember

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Another great post by Pam Hogle on Pet Professional Guild. Science has once again confirmed the obvious: Dogs can remember things. OK, maybe I am being a bit hard on the researchers. They were specifically interested in whether dogs have episodic memory. Well, they call it “episodic-like” memory, since some would argue that only humans can actually have episodic memory. I’ll leave that argument for [...]

Dog Agility Loses an Obstacle

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By Brenna Fender Nearly every American agility organization has removed the chute (otherwise known as the closed tunnel) from the list of obstacles that can be used on an agility course. This has been an unprecedented move – never in agility’s history has one obstacle been dropped in such a widespread and immediate fashion. The chute has a rigid opening and a closed fabric extension [...]

Microchip Maintenance

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By Brenna Fender Your dog is microchipped and you feel confident that, if he or she was ever lost, that microchip would help get your dog returned to you. But sometimes it isn’t that easy. Did you know that there are things you can do to help increase the odds that your dog’s microchip will aid in his or her return to you? Register Register [...]

Dock Jumper Has Impressive Debut

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By Brenna Fender Photo by Hillary Fuentes Three-year-old Australian Labradoodle, Zac, made a big splash at a recent Courteous Canine North American Diving Dogs competition. On Saturday, he began jumping at 4' and went to 5', and on Sunday he started at 4'8" and it went to 5' again! It was a very impressive performance by a young dog. Zac is owned by [...]

AKC Offers a New Agility Program for Newcomers to the Sport

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  The American Kennel Club has begun offering a new program that makes agility more accessible to newcomers. According to the AKC’s website (, the ACT will be available in two levels. “ACT1 is designed for the beginning level dog to show beginning sequencing and performance skills. ACT2 requires an increased skill level shown by the additional obstacles to be performed.” The ACT is not [...]

Missing Dog in 33647 zip code area

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Amy Farrah Fowler is looking for her missing Pointer that was last seen in Tampa, Florida in the 33647 zip code area (in Cross Creek) on Friday, November 27th around midnight. The female dog is white and liver colored and is five years old. She has a microchip for permanent ID. If you see a dog that resembles this description, please call 1-888-HOMEAGAIN (1-888-466-3242).

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