Snake Avoidance Dog Training and Dog Swim Safety

Class Type: Group. Maximum 6 dogs
Term: 6 weeks
Prerequisite: None

Learn how to train your dog to avoid a snake the positive, force free way and improve
your dog’s response in an emergency situation. This 6-week program is designed to
help both humans and dogs enjoy outdoor activities in Florida – a state which is home to
6 types of venomous snakes. Learn how you and your dog should respond if you
encounter a snake. Training does not offer any guarantees but is the best means for
learning to avoid a snake incident with your dog.

Coral snake – note the black nose

Scarlet King snake – note the red nose



Snake Avoidance is currently offered in Private Training appointments, to book an appointment please contact

Puppy and Adult Dog Swimming Lessons

Class Type: Group or Private at our facility only
Term: $35 for a 90 minute group class. Private training for $35 per half hour session or $65 for an hour. Package pricing available. Dogs require 3 to 5 sessions on average to learn to swim.

Bella-SwimmingJust like people, many dogs don’t take to swimming naturally; they need to learn how to do it. Courteous Canine offers group swimming classes or private swimming lessons for your puppy or adult dog in our dog dock jumping competition-standard swimming pool. Gradually, we will work with your four-legged friend to increase his confidence in the water and soon, he’ll take to swimming like a duck to water!  Our pool dock features artificial turf that is easy on paw pads and a beach entry type water entry and exit.

Email to set up a dog swim lesson today!