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“The Scoop On Scooping Poop” by Courteous Canine Inc.

We all understand the common courtesy of picking up our dog’s poop in public, but what about in our own backyard – is it necessary? The article below discusses a few different impacts that are important to consider, from health and safety concerns to ethical issues.


” On its most basic level poop is a slipping hazard, most of us have experienced stepping in poop and have disliked the consequences from the moment of the dreaded contact where it is too late to shift weight anymore to avoid a collision. Alternatively you may not notice you have stepped in poop until you can “smell” it leading to dirty car mats or other unpleasant situation. Scooping can avoid the dreaded shoe contact issues, but more importantly it can actually prevent diseases. “

To learn more about the potential diseases that poop can spread and different ways to mitigate these risks, read the rest of the article here.