By Published On: January, 2024Categories: Blog, Enrichment, Socialization

Do you ever feel like your dog has nothing to do all day aside from their walks, meals, and lounging around? Though routines can be great for dogs, a life with no variety or challenges can be a bit boring for them. That’s why we’ve created a whole program around combating that: Boredom Busters & Brain Games!

In this handout, you’ll find a variety of unique exercises to both challenge and entertain your dog in ways that they’ve probably never encountered before. Novel games like these work your dog’s body and brain, keeping them engaged and encouraging critical thinking skills! Meanwhile, these exercises are fun for the human and make for great pictures and memories.

If you’d like a guided version of these exercises, we offer a six-week group class where we provide all of the supplies, help you through the exercises, and – maybe most importantly – do all of the cleanup so you don’t have to!