By Published On: December, 2023Categories: Blog, Dog Training, Socialization

Most people know they should introduce their new puppy to dogs and people while they’re still young – but there’s a lot more to socialization than meeting dogs and people!

During the first three months of a puppy’s life, they should have as many different positive experiences as possible, including as wide a variety as possible of people and dogs, but also places, sounds, sensations, foods, and more. Though this process should begin with the puppy’s breeder, it is essential that you continue it after you bring them home.

Check out the list linked below to see a variety of things that we recommend exposing your new puppy to, and then add your own as well. Puppy Class is a great way to get a lot of this socialization done, so consider signing up for one of our puppy classes here if you’re in the Tampa Bay area.

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