Dog Sitting and Pet Sitting Services
Dog Sitting and Pet Sitting Services

Pet Sitting and Dog Walking

In-Home Pet Care Services

We assure a safe, secure and stress-free environment for your pet. Because we are pet care professionals, trained in pet first aid and dog body language, we are highly aware of your pet’s individual physical and mental needs. We customize our pet sitting services to suit you and your pet. We are fully licensed, bonded, and insured. We look forward to meeting your pet sitting needs!

We have add-on services to make our visit even more fun for pets and helpful to you! Pet Sitting Services are offered for many areas in Lutz, Land O Lakes, New Tampa, Meadow Point, Seven Oaks, and Wesley Chapel.


Dog sitting or Cat sitting 30-minute visit includes

  • Potty break for dogs – in your fenced backyard or out on a leash
  • Litter box clean out for cats

  • Water bowls refreshed
  • Meals fed, if applicable
  • Medications administered, if applicable
  • Attention, cuddles, play
  • Security of home checked, mail brought in, lights on or off, etc.

In Home Pet Sitting Pricing and Dog Walking Pricing

Ready to sign up for pet sitting? New users must fill out the form before booking. Existing customers can proceed to book via their account.

  Description Price
30-Minute Pet Sit Visit A 30 minute break is available for dogs and cats. $25.00
Emergency Pet Sit (less than 72-hrs notice) This service is for existing clients only! While we can’t guarantee short notice pet sits we will do our best to accommodate short notice visits. $30.00
Extra-Emergency Pet Sit (less than 24hrs notice) This service is for existing clients only! While we can’t guarantee short notice pet sits we will do our best to accommodate short notice visits. $40.00
Overnight Pet Sit in Dog’s Home The pet sitter stays at the home of the pet. The service time is agreed with the client but normally starts at 7 pm and concludes at 7 am. * This is a service with limited availability. $80.00
Overnight in Pet Sitter’s Home Rate covers a 24 hour period. * This is a service with limited availability. Please inquire early to make it possible for us to accommodate you. $120.00
Board and Train in Trainer’s Home This training program is customized to your dog and your training goals. Instead of your dog staying in a traditional kennel environment, your dog will stay in the comfort of a home with their trainer. They will participate in a structured training program that involves approximately 3 hours of training each day. $200/night
Owner Absent Dog Training Price is for a one hour Training visit. No Half Hours. $70.00
Extra Playtime Need to extend your pet’s visit beyond 30 min? Extra playtime comes in ten minute increments. $10.00


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How do you screen your Pet Care Technicians?

We take the recruitment and development of Pet Care Technicians very seriously. We perform background checks on all of our Pet Care Technicians before we begin their extensive training. We obtain a minimum of two reference checks and ensure they have no criminal record or history of drug abuse.

How do I get started with Courteous Canine?

We recommend that you contact us! You don’t want to wait until you are in the midst of planning your big holiday or you are assigned a last minute business trip. Establish a relationship with us when you do not need us so things will be that much easier when you do need us. It costs you nothing to get set up.

When can I expect to meet my Pet Care Technician?

Once you have made your initial inquiry either by phone or through our website, we will contact you within 24-hours to schedule an appointment.

How do you determine what time the Pet Care Technician will pay visits to my pets?

Whether providing daily visits or dog walks to your pets, your Pet Care Technician will strive to keep as close to your pets’ routine as possible. When we meet for your initial consultation you will advise your Pet Care Technician the details of your pets’ normal activities and they’ll strive to keep that same schedule!

How long is each visit?

Each pet care visit to your home is 30 minutes long. The standard 30-minute pet care visit can be extended in ten-minute increments.

Is my personal information kept confidential?

We respect and protect the confidentiality of all our clients. We will never share any of your information with a third party unless you give us specific permission in writing to do so.

How am I billed for pet care and when is it due?

As soon as we have finished the free in home initial visit, you will receive an email confirmation that also details your charges for the pet care services you desire. Payment is required prior to services being performed.

Can you provide references?

Pet Care Technicians can provide references from many of our clients. Please ask your sitter to provide them to you during your Free in-home initial visit.

Will you ever share my information with any other company or individual?

Absolutely not! Your privacy is very important to us. We hold ourselves to the highest standards and value the trust you place in us. If you have any questions regarding the information we gather about you and what we do to protect it, please feel free to contact us.

How much notice do you need for a cancellation?

We request a minimum of a 48 hour notice on cancellations. If clients are unable to give us this notice we will charge for the visit.

What is the purpose of the Pet Care “Free Initial In-Home Visit”?

We provide a free in-home visit to meet with you in person so you feel comfortable with the pet sitter who will be caring for your pets and so your pets have an opportunity to meet and interact with their sitter. Caring for animals is a two part process, observing and monitoring. When we meet your pets for the first time it gives us an opportunity to make notes about their appearance and demeanor. That way, while caring for your pets we will be able to observe quickly if they are behaving strangely, if something is out of place or if they need special attention.

What makes your Dog Walking and Pet Care different from other pet sitting and dog walking service providers?

At Courteous Canine, our dog walking and pet care programs were specifically designed to give you the peace of mind that comes from having the best of all worlds. All our pet care technicians are certified in pet first aid and are trained in proper equipment use and all aspects of pet care. Our Dog Walking and Pet Care Programs guarantee that your furry family members are cared for by trained and certified animal experts while you are away.

What kind of pets do you provide pet care services for?

Our Pet Care Technicians have a wide range of experience with many different kinds of animals. Just let us know if your pet has any special pet care needs or if you have an unusual pet care request. We will do everything we can to meet your expectations.

How am I billed for dog walking and pet care services?

As soon as we complete your home visit consultation and confirm your services we will then email you your invoice. Payment in full is due at the time of reservation. Reservations are not held until payment is received. This secures your reservation and gives you peace of mind that your pet care needs are taken care of.

Why should I use your dog walking and pet care services instead of using a friend, neighbor or relative to do it?

Our Pet Care Technicians are trained professional animal caregivers. It is what we do, it is our passion and our career. We will be at your home to care for your animals according to your service schedule; we can be trusted to do what is right by your animals at all times and we have the resources, training and expertise to do it. In the event of an emergency our Pet Sitters are trained to assist your animal until we reach a veterinarian. We are also licensed, bonded and insured as pet sitters.

How much does a pet care visit cost?

We provide many different pet care services and we build pet care schedules tailored to meet your individual needs. Pricing is based on the services you request, you can view our full list of pet sitting prices here. A standard 30 minute visit can include feeding, walking, and playing.

Do I have to have another appointment and fill out another service agreement for pet care services every time I leave town?

Once you register as our client on our database, you never have to do it again. For any future dog walking or pet care needs just log in and schedule your appointment.

Will there be consistency in the dog walking and pet care services that you deliver?

Yes. At Courteous Canine, our goal is to provide reliable, familiar and friendly service for your pets. Our Pet Care Technicians most likely live in your neighborhood, which enables them to readily provide you with highly personalized dog walking and pet care services. And because we maintain a cadre of highly trained Pet Care Technicians, in the event your primary Pet Care Technician is otherwise unavailable for your required dates of service, you are always assured of the same professional pet care services. Of course, we will contact you to get your approval if any substitutions are necessary prior to service.

How do I get my key back when I return from my trip?

We will not leave keys ‘hidden’ outside your house nor will we lock them in your house (in case you are delayed returning home). We can keep your key on file or return it to you once you are safely home. We also use realtor lock boxes if you prefer.

Your security is important to us. We want to make sure your security and safety will always be protected. That is why we have a special system of coding your keys so your name and address are never with your key and your keys are always securely locked up when not in use.

What does a Professional Pet Care Technician do?

Each of our Pet Care Technicians are required to pass rigorous training in pet first aid and canine communication. Many are also certified dog trainers extremely capable of ensuring your pets are cared for in the most professional manner available. We care for the emotional, environmental, and physical well-being of your animals while you are away.

What Dog Walking and Pet Care services do you offer?

Courteous Canine offers a variety of Dog Walking and Pet Care services to help you whether you are busy for the day, out of town for a week or just want to give your pet some extra attention.

Can I make last minute arrangements to my pet care itinerary?

Using our Pet Care reservation program (LeashTime), existing clients can make urgent bookings online 24-hours before you need us. You can also leave your key with us to make it easier on you should you need to leave home on short notice.

May I offer a gratuity to my Pet Care Technician?

Yes, you may offer it directly to your Pet Sitter or you can mail it to us Attention to the Sitters Name: Courteous Canine, Inc. 3414 Melissa Country Way, Lutz, FL 33559.

What do you do in case of an emergency?

It depends on the type of emergency. If something was to happen to your regular Pet Care Technician, we have fully qualified backup Pet Care Technicians that can take over. If an emergency occurs with your pets, we will first, according to your instructions, notify you or your vet and transport them to the vet if necessary. If there is an emergency with your home we will contact you immediately and provide services per your instructions.

How many visits a day do you provide for pets?

We can provide from 1 to 5 visits each day to care for your pets. Our fees are per visit.

Can we contact you while we are away? Or will you contact us?

Yes, you can contact us as often as you’d like and we will set up regular communications to you as frequent as you like. As part of our service we provide our pet care clients with texts, e-mails or voice mail. Just let us know how often you would like to receive updates. After all, we are here to serve you and give you peace of mind while you are away from your pets.

Are your Pet Care technicians bonded and insured (and what does that mean to me as a client)?

Yes, our Pet Care Technicians are fully bonded and insured. This means our clients have peace of mind when they are away. We take responsibility for your pets when you put them in our care. Having professional insurance in place shows that we are serious about the dog walking and pet care service we provide.

What areas do you provide pet care services in?

We offer pet care in Lutz, Land O’Lakes, Wesley Chapel, North Tampa, please contact us to see if we cover your area.

I know that she has lifelong friends here, a sense of belonging, and a genuine feeling of home. I’m giving my girl her best possible life at Courteous Canines; I’ve never known an organization so skillful, personal, and life-enriching.

Sarah Lain, Google

Our time with Courteous Canine over the years always surpasses expectations. Every staff is trained at a level unmatched throughout Tampa Bay. We feel blessed to have found a place that we can trust whole-heartedly in their recommendations to vets, training, etc for our fur babies.

Laura and Jason Yoba, Google

I also had to take a trip this April and needed their pet sitting services. They were absolutely awesome!!! I got text updates, videos, and pics about how my pups were doing. I was very nervous leaving them home as both had issues (one with anxiety and the other allergies), but they definitely went above and beyond to take care of them!

Marie Macher, Google
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