By Published On: April, 2013Categories: Pet Sitting

petsittingSteps to Selecting a GREAT Pet Sitter in Tampa

Courteous Canine, Inc. offers pet sitting and we want to make it easier to help you choose a pet sitter. Courteous Canine, Inc. has a network of pet sitters so even if you are located in an area that we don’t current service we can put you in touch with a great sitter. So contact us and know you are getting a prescreened pet sitter that is recommended by previous and current clients.

  • Background Check
    Courteous Canine, Inc. checks the records of each pet sitter making sure that people sent to a client’s home are free of criminal records. Be sure that the pet sitter you are using has been checked for criminal records in all states and counties they have resided.
  •  Pet Safety
    Not only is it important to hire a sitter that is obsessively careful with your pet it is important to check references that the pet sitter has not lost a pet while servicing a client and that the sitter is pet first aid trained. When evaluating pet first aid training make sure that the training was done by a certified veterinary technician or by a veterinarian. Be sure that you and the sitter have paper work in place that clearly spells out which vet to go to in an emergency.
  •  Backup Sitters
    Make sure to hire a sitter who has at least two alternative sitters available at all times in case the original sitter has an emergency. By having three backups in place your pet is guaranteed to get their visit. If a sitter works alone getting a back up can be difficult or even impossible.
  •  Multiple Visits
    If your dog requires multiple visits per day hiring a company that only has one person on staff can be problematic. The pet sitter may be tempted to skip a visit or may logistically be unable to provide all the visits your dog needs. Courteous Canine, Inc. offers multiple sitters all working with pet first aid certifications and background checks.
  •  Sitter Great, Trainer Better
    Ask the sitter you are interviewing if they are a certified dog trainer, this means that your sitter is educated in training, will be able to alert you to training issues and proactively prevent problems. Also our trainers are trained identify signs of stress in your dog which is critically important to providing ideal pet sitting services.
  •  Being hired by a client for Pet sitting is an honor and a great trust, it is one that we value and we commit to providing the best services for our clients in the Tampa Bay area. Happy pet sitting to all!