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Choke Collar Pathology

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  by Daniel Antolec Recently I persuaded a local pet supply store to sell me all his choke collars (at cost) and refrain from restocking them, in return for recommendations for safe body harnesses such as Perfect Fit and Balance. He was persuaded by data I presented to him about the pathology of choke collars.“I never knew they hurt dogs, and only carried them because [...]

Agility equipment safety

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  When it comes to dog agility training it is important to pay attention to some details to keep our dogs safe. This article by the Agility Nerd highlights some potential issues. Always check agility equipment for safety prior to letting your dog play on it. Contact Equipment Safety in Photos by Steve Schwarz I'm always concerned about our dog's safety on course and I'm [...]

Dog Training’s Dirty Little Secret: Anyone Can Legally Do It

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Dog training is an unregulated industry although dogs need to be licensed. By Marc Bekoff Ph.D. Dogs and humans beware During the past year I've had a number of emails from people both lauding and severely criticizing the dog trainers to whom they went to help them teach their dog to live with them in their homes and elsewhere. Of course, different people have different [...]

Holiday Safety for Dogs

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By Brenna Fender The holiday season is filled with food, guests, and excitement. While these things are fun for the people in your life, they can be dangerous for your dog. But don’t worry, there are some simple things to you can do in order to keep your furry friends safe during the holidays. Food Holiday food is delicious, fattening, and not appropriate for your [...]

Trick or Treat?

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Choosing the Right Food Rewards for Your Dog By Brenna Fender If you attend a dog training class, you are likely to be asked to bring treats with you so that you can reward your dog. But how do you pick out the best treats for training? Criteria No matter what kind of treats you purchase or make, they should meet some basic criteria. Training [...]

Microchip Maintenance

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By Brenna Fender Your dog is microchipped and you feel confident that, if he or she was ever lost, that microchip would help get your dog returned to you. But sometimes it isn’t that easy. Did you know that there are things you can do to help increase the odds that your dog’s microchip will aid in his or her return to you? Register Register [...]

The Dangers of Xylitol

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Xylitol is a sugar substitute that is toxic to dogs. It’s being used more frequently in foods, gum, and even in non-food products like lotions that dogs might eat so the danger to our pets is growing. Symptoms of Xylitol poisoning include vomiting, weakness, lack of coordination, lethargy, tremors, and more, according to If you believe that your dog may have consumed Xylitol, you [...]

Hidden Holiday Food Fiascos

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By Brenna Fender Holiday season is here and the food is always delicious and abundant. Unfortunately, it is also potentially dangerous for dogs. Certain foods are fine for humans but toxic for dogs. Others can cause pancreatitis or digestive issues. What dangerous foods may lurk among your holiday spread? Here are some items you should look out for: Alcoholic beverages Chocolate Coffee Garlic Grapes Nuts, [...]

Hurricane Preparedness for Pets

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By Brenna Fender We've had a peaceful hurricane season here in Florida so far but it's not over. How can you keep your pets safe in case the worst happens? If You Have to Evacuate If you have to evacuate, do not leave your pets at home. If it isn't safe for you to be at your house, it's not safe for animals either. But [...]

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