Dog Training

A Promise to Your Dog

Before you embark on your behavior and training journey with us, know that modifying behaviors is a process. There are no quick fixes or immediate solutions. Though they can seem tedious, small steps are usually the fastest and most effective path to lasting success. While our staff will be coaching you along the way, behavior change takes time and [...]

Health & Safety

Animal Abuse Harms People Too

by Daniel Antolec If you are reading this blog then I may safely assume you are an animal lover, but sometimes love is not enough. Sometimes advocacy through direction action is required. I post this [...]

Dog Agility Training

Million Dollar Dog Games

  Million Dollar Dog Games is looking for dogs to compete in a cross discipline competition featuring Agility, Dock Diving and Flying Disc for CASH. Read more about it >

Tighten Those Turns

By Brenna Fender Several dog sports benefit from tight turns. Agility is the most obvious one, but rally and traditional obedience also include about turns that are best done tightly around the handler. Turning tightly [...]

Courteous Canine Articles

  • Risks: major agricultural pest, eats over 500 different kinds of plants, feeds on stucco homes as a source of calcium, may carry rat lungworm, a parasite that causes meningitis in humans and animals. Pest info: grow up to eight inches long, no natural enemies in the US, reproduce rapidly: one snail can lay over 2500 eggs in one year. Do not handle snails without gloves - serious health risk. Illegal to possess or import into the US without a permit. Locate, communicate, eradicate. 1-888-397-1517
  • Eggs are approximately 0.3 to 0.4 inches in size, white to yellow in color, with up to 1000 eggs per clutch. Neonate snails are 0.5 inches or less in size. Juvenile snails are 0.375 inches to 2 inches in size. Adult snails are 2 to 8 inches in size.

Beware the Giant African Land Snail

Beware the Giant African Land Snail By Kimberly "Kim" Archer, CPDT-KA, CTDI The Giant African Land Snail is an incredibly dangerous snail invasive to Florida, and it is also irradicated with an equally dangerous bait, [...]

Being Wrong is Right

Turns out that humans have a huge problem-- we love to be right. The problem is that this is dangerous and actually causes serious tragedies and even death, according to Being Wrong: Adventures in the [...]

Dog Training 101: What is Clicker Training?

Dog Training 101: What is Clicker Training? By Angelica Steinker, M.Ed., CDBC, CAP2 edited by Kimberly "Kim" Archer, CPDT-KA, CTDI Clicker training is a training method using a handheld plastic box that makes a clicking [...]

Click & Praise

Click & Praise By Angelica Steinker, M.Ed., C.D.B.C, CAP2 Imagine a reward your dog will never fill up on, a reward that can last exactly as long as you want, and makes your dog incredibly [...]

Play, Don’t Train

Play, Don't Train By Angelica Steinker, M.Ed., C.D.B.C, CAP2 Are your clients less motivated then you would like them to be? Stop telling them to train their dogs, and start telling them to play. It [...]

Is Your Dog Bored?

Is Your Dog Bored? Enrich Your Dog’s Life! By Kimberly Archer, Dog Behavior Technician    Have you ever wondered what a day is like through your dog’s eyes? You may wake up, have breakfast, catch [...]

The Truth About Dominance Theory

The Truth About Dominance Theory By Angelica Steinker, M.Ed., C.D.B.C, CAP2   The truth is there is nothing noble in being superior to another being. The only real nobility is in being superior to your former [...]

Preparing Your Dog For Your New Baby

Preparing Your Dog For Your New Baby By Heather Gibbs, CPDT-KA, ABCDT, SBA Overview Preparing for a new baby's arrival can be an exciting and stressful time for all family members  involved - especially your [...]

Pitfalls of Punishment

Author’s Note: Positive punishment is when you add something unpleasant when an undesirable behavior is displayed to discourage that behavior. Negative punishment is when you take away something pleasant when an undesirable behavior is displayed [...]

Agility for Dogs with Issues

This means that for some dogs playing the game of agility around other dogs can make other dogs seem fun also. The same thing can happen if a dog is afraid of people, being around people when doing agility can come to signal fun.