Dog Training

A Promise to Your Dog

Before you embark on your behavior and training journey with us, know that modifying behaviors is a process. There are no quick fixes or immediate solutions. Though they can seem tedious, small steps are usually the fastest and most effective path to lasting success. While our staff will be coaching you along the way, behavior change takes time and [...]

Click & Praise

Click & Praise By Angelica Steinker, M.Ed., C.D.B.C, CAP2 Imagine a reward your dog will never fill up on, a reward that can last exactly as long as you want, [...]

Health & Safety

Dog Agility Training

Homemade Agility

By Brenna Fender Before you could buy agility equipment online, and even before plans for making agility equipment became available, people practiced agility for fun in their backyards, and you can too! As long as [...]

A Quick Guide to Agility Organizations

By Brenna Fender The United States offers many agility sanctioning organizations, which means that American competitors have lots of options for different agility experiences. There are more similarities than differences between the organizations. Most are [...]

Courteous Canine Articles

Dog Fight Emergency Handling

All dog fights must be considered extremely dangerous. Even dogs that are intending not to hurt each other could cause serious damage. Dogs can significantly vary in size so a large dog can even accidentally fatally injure a small dog. Never follow the very poor advice of “letting the dogs work it out.”

The Sharing Game

The image above is an advanced version of the game, your coach will help you find the ideal starting point. By Angelica Steinker, M.Ed., PCBC-A, AABP-DBCT, CDBC, CAP2 Please note that if your dogs have [...]

Talking to Dogs

 by Pam Hogle Photo by Deni Elliott A newly published study finds that dogs pay attention to both the way we talk to them and to what we say. Alex Benjamin and Katie Slocombe’s ‘Who’s a good boy?!’ [...]

Animal Abuse Harms People Too

by Daniel Antolec If you are reading this blog then I may safely assume you are an animal lover, but sometimes love is not enough. Sometimes advocacy through direction action is required. I post this [...]

Thunderphobia in Dogs

by Daniel Antolec Thunderphobia is the fear of thunderstorms and it can be severe enough to make a dog’s life miserable.  It may be more common than you know. At least 20% of dogs suffer noise [...]

The Opposite of Force

by Eileen Anderson I think I’ve figured something out. I continue to see the concept of choice bandied about the positive reinforcement-based training world. It can be a code word for a setup that includes negative [...]

So Easy to Miscue …

by  Pam Hogle A few days ago, I heard a story on the radio about police dogs and their handlers. The reporter was talking to a retired police dog handler who now trains dogs and [...]