Muzzle Training Your Dog

Get consent for dog muzzle training success!

How to Muzzle Train Your Dog

During all the steps and games listed below, consent will have to be given by the dog at each approximation. If dogs does not give consent, the training process must back up one to two approximations.

All games are played with very slow tiny movements to begin with. Add playful noises and toys to the process if they elicit play and joy in the dog. Use a trail mix of very high value treats. Use known tricks: nose, paw, fetch.

When to Use a Dog Muzzle

Always avoid flooding unless it is a medical emergency (such as seeing Dr. JD, our veterinary behaviorist). If possible use chemical restraint to avoid flooding.

  • Medical Emergency

  • Taking dog for a walk

  • Interacting with unfamiliar dog

  • Interacting with a puppy

The Nosewich Game

dog muzzle training
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Before you introduce a muzzle to your dog, play the Nosewich Game.

The end result: use your hands to create a muzzle, top hand on top of muzzle, bottom hand cupping chin. This is lured and shaped starting with chin then moving to adding the top hand. The steps of the Nosewich Game training and the finished product are always paired with food treats.

dog muzzle training: step 1

Step 1

Reward for Looking

Drop the muzzle on floor, give a cookie to your dog for looking at the muzzle.

dog muzzle training: step 2

Step 2

Dog approaches Muzzle

Dog approaches Muzzle: hold muzzle in your hand with opening facing away from the dog, shape or lure dog to touch with nose and paw. It’s also great if dog picks up muzzle like a toy.

dog muzzle training: step 3

Step 3

Muzzle approaches dog

Muzzle approaches dog: Use chin behavior from nosewich game and have the muzzle with opening facing away, kiss dog on the nose.

dog muzzle training: step 4

Step 4

Repeat dog approaches

Turn muzzle so opening is facing dog’s nose, repeat dog approaches muzzle from Step 2.

dog muzzle training: step 5

Step 5

Repeat muzzle approaches

Turn muzzle so opening is facing dog’s nose, repeat muzzle approaches dog game from Step Three.

dog muzzle training: step 6

Step 6

Put on the Straps

Add the strapping of the muzzle to your pup while making it a fun game.


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