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Tampa Dog Trainer Angelica Steinker: Helpful Pet Insurance Information

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Helpful Pet Insurance Information  It can be hard to find helpful pet insurance information, so today we are sharing a link to a huge chart listing many of the pet insurance companies and presenting a list of client ratings of these companies.  Check it out. Happy Pet Insurance Shopping, The Staff of Courteous Canine, Inc.! 

Tampa Dog Trainer Angelica Steinker Recommends Blog: Eileen and Dogs

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Tampa Dog Trainer and Behavior Consultant Angelica Steinker Recommends Blog: Eileen and Dogs Smart, gifted and clear are the words that come to mind when I think of this blog: Eileen and Dogs written by Eileen Anderson about the training adventures she experiences with her dogs.  Eileen is careful to base all her information on science, fun and results oriented training.   The internet overwhelms [...]

Tampa Dog Trainer: How Do You Cook Your Hot Dogs?

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How Do You Cook Your Hot Dogs? By Brenna Fender Hot dogs are one of the most popular training treats amongst dog trainers. They are inexpensive, easy to prepare, enjoyed by most dogs, long lasting, and not-too-bad if you wind up having to carry some of them in your mouth for a while. So, if you are new to hot dog wrangling or want to change things [...]

Tampa Dog Trainer: What’s My Dog Motivation?

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What’s My Dog's Motivation? You can’t choose what motivates your dog. By Brenna Fender When I first got my Beagle from Tampa Bay Beagle rescue, I had to carry him off of his comfy spot on the sofa to deliver him to his crate every time I left the house. My other dogs all ran to their crates when cued in order to enjoy a bite of [...]

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