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Canine Good Citizen & Pet Therapy

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Therapy dogs, service dogs, and emotional support dogs are all the rage these days - but what does it all mean? And furthermore, what type of training do these dogs require? Each of these dogs has vastly different legal requirements but they do all need training. That's why we've created our Canine Good Citizen Pet Therapy classes. These classes will prepare you and your [...]

Why I Kiss My Dogs

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Why I Kiss My Dogs What my dogs taught me about finding the joy in life By Angelica Steinker, M.Ed., C.D.B.C, CAP2 edited by Kimberly "Kim" Archer, CPDT-KA, CTDI Stevie Life is inherently satisfying, just ask my late Border Collie, Stevie. Stevie found joy in playing with anything at all, seeing a toy in every object. Best of all, he liked to [...]

Service Dog Teams and Continuing Education

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  by Pam Hogle Photo by Nancy Garrett A few weeks ago, I was part of an amazing experience — the first-ever continuing education weekend seminar for guide dog teams that included trainers and puppy raisers, as well as 80 teams. The weekend was organized by the Guiding Eyes for the Blind graduate council. Actually, it was two members of the council and their partners [...]

Tampa Dog Trainer Brenna Fender: New Trainer and New Class at Courteous Canine, Inc.!

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New Trainer and New Class at Courteous Canine, Inc.! By Brenna Fender Did you ever see a dog do some really cool tricks and think, “Wow, I’d love my dog to be able to do that”? Do you just know that your dog could do amazing tricks if you just knew how to teach him? Courteous Canine DogSmith of Tampa can help you do just that! Certified [...]

Tampa Dog Trainer: Dog Travel Safety

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Dog Travel Safety is an important concern Tampa Dog Trainer: Dog Travel Safety By Brenna Fender Dog s often travel with their pets to competitions, on vacation, or just about town while on errands, but they may not realize that the way they travel can mean the difference between life and death. Do you drive with Fido loose in the back seat or [...]

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