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Tampa Dog Trainer Brenna Fender: The ABCs of Tracking and Other Games

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Tampa Dog Trainer Brenna Fender The ABCs of Tracking and Other Games By Brenna Fender American Kennel Club (AKC) is probably the most well-known organization in the United States to sanction tracking. You can read the AKC tracking regulations and get other info at Beginning tracking dogs learn on short, straight tracks with their handlers close by. Cross-tracks are found in some tracking tests [...]

Tampa Dog Trainer Angelica Steinker: Helpful Pet Insurance Information

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Helpful Pet Insurance Information  It can be hard to find helpful pet insurance information, so today we are sharing a link to a huge chart listing many of the pet insurance companies and presenting a list of client ratings of these companies.  Check it out. Happy Pet Insurance Shopping, The Staff of Courteous Canine, Inc.! 

Tampa Dog Trainer: What’s My Dog Motivation?

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What’s My Dog's Motivation? You can’t choose what motivates your dog. By Brenna Fender When I first got my Beagle from Tampa Bay Beagle rescue, I had to carry him off of his comfy spot on the sofa to deliver him to his crate every time I left the house. My other dogs all ran to their crates when cued in order to enjoy a bite of [...]

Dog Training Wisdom: Aggression creates aggression

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Dog Training Wisdom: Aggression creates aggression Patricia McConnell's Willie The funny thing about aggression is that it creates aggression.  When a human chooses to be violent with a dog this violence causes violence. Science-based, peaceful training techniques are more effective and actually successful. Dr. Patricia McConnell has written a fantastic blog explaining this, check it out:  

Upcoming Event: Otto Fad on The Power of Positive Reinforcement

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Upcoming Event: Otto Fad on The Power of Positive Reinforcement Courteous Canine, Inc. Presents Otto Fad on The Power of Positive Reinforcement Sunday June 9th, 2013 1pm to 5pm $60 Using Positive Reinforcement to Train Elephants: Operant and Respondent Strategies Otto Fad is the Manager of Elephants at Busch Gardens Tampa’s Pachyderm Palace. He is known worldwide for his evangelical advocacy for positive reinforcement training [...]

Steps to Selecting a GREAT Pet Sitter in Tampa

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Steps to Selecting a GREAT Pet Sitter in Tampa Courteous Canine, Inc. offers pet sitting and we want to make it easier to help you choose a pet sitter. Courteous Canine, Inc. has a network of pet sitters so even if you are located in an area that we don’t current service we can put you in touch with a great sitter. So contact us and [...]

Upcoming Event at Courteous Canine, Inc.: Fun Day of Dog Dock Jumping and Agility!

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Upcoming Event at Courteous Canine, Inc.: Fun Day of Dog Dock Jumping and Agility! Courteous Canine, Inc. and Health Mutt Present A fun day of Dock Jumping, Agility and Free Dog Training Advice Agility Run Thrus Nested courses Standard and Jumpers (Novice and Excellent) $5 per run $20 unlimited runs Dock Jumping $5 per five jumps or $20 for unlimited jumps (five jump cycles) Free [...]

Tampa Dog Training Tips: If Dogs Played Softball

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Tampa Dog Training Tips: If Dogs Played Softball One of the activities I have missed the most since my move from Cookeville is attending the softball games at TTU. The days of sitting in the sun with one of my dogs at my feet, surrounded by friends, many who also brought their dogs, is a good memory. So this past weekend I was thrilled to [...]

Book Review: Plenty in Life is Free: Reflections on Dogs, Training and Finding Grace

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Author: Kathy Sdao, ACAAB Publisher: Dogwise Publishing, Wenatchee, WA, 2012 Most dog trainers are conscientious people who work very hard to stay abreast of the latest protocols, looking for new and improved methods of working with dogs, especially those with issues. One protocol which burst onto the scene several years ago is known as “Nothing In Live Is Free (NILIF),” “Work to Earn,” and a [...]

Tampa Dog Training Tip: Resource Guarding

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Resource guarding is a common issue and one that responds very well to behavior modification.  While every case is individual generally a detailed counter conditioning program is very effective.  things that do not work and can actually make the dog more dangerous are: throwing things at the dog, shouting at dog, or hitting.  Resource guarding is about fear so to truly modify the problem you [...]

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