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Dry Land Games

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Wanting to work on your dog's dock jumping skills but the weather isn't agreeing with your plans? Or maybe you just want to work on specific skills needed for dock jumping. Either way, dry land games are the perfect solution! These are exercises which are designed to work on the skills needed for dock jumping outside of the pool. We even designed a [...]

Tampa Dog Trainer: Dog Travel Safety

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Dog Travel Safety is an important concern Tampa Dog Trainer: Dog Travel Safety By Brenna Fender Dog s often travel with their pets to competitions, on vacation, or just about town while on errands, but they may not realize that the way they travel can mean the difference between life and death. Do you drive with Fido loose in the back seat or [...]

Tampa Dog Trainer: How Do You Cook Your Hot Dogs?

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How Do You Cook Your Hot Dogs? By Brenna Fender Hot dogs are one of the most popular training treats amongst dog trainers. They are inexpensive, easy to prepare, enjoyed by most dogs, long lasting, and not-too-bad if you wind up having to carry some of them in your mouth for a while. So, if you are new to hot dog wrangling or want to change things [...]

Tampa Dog Trainer: What’s My Dog Motivation?

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What’s My Dog's Motivation? You can’t choose what motivates your dog. By Brenna Fender When I first got my Beagle from Tampa Bay Beagle rescue, I had to carry him off of his comfy spot on the sofa to deliver him to his crate every time I left the house. My other dogs all ran to their crates when cued in order to enjoy a bite of [...]

Upcoming Event at Courteous Canine, Inc.: Fun Day of Dog Dock Jumping and Agility!

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Upcoming Event at Courteous Canine, Inc.: Fun Day of Dog Dock Jumping and Agility! Courteous Canine, Inc. and Health Mutt Present A fun day of Dock Jumping, Agility and Free Dog Training Advice Agility Run Thrus Nested courses Standard and Jumpers (Novice and Excellent) $5 per run $20 unlimited runs Dock Jumping $5 per five jumps or $20 for unlimited jumps (five jump cycles) Free [...]

Tampa Dog Training Tips: If Dogs Played Softball

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Tampa Dog Training Tips: If Dogs Played Softball One of the activities I have missed the most since my move from Cookeville is attending the softball games at TTU. The days of sitting in the sun with one of my dogs at my feet, surrounded by friends, many who also brought their dogs, is a good memory. So this past weekend I was thrilled to [...]

Courteous Canine of Tampa Super Splash Is Coming!

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The Courteous Canine Super Splash event is coming March 16, 2013 at Courteous Canine Inc. What is it? A Slash Dogs competition and dock jumping practice. Venue Information Courteous Canine Inc. 3414 Melissa Country Way Lutz , Florida 33559 RV Parking There is limited R.V. parking. Please email to reserve a space. There will be a professional photographer and a food vendor on site. [...]

Tampa Dog News: Sign the Promise, Be a Responsible Dog Owner!

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In recognition of Responsible Dog Ownership Day, The DogSmith encourages every dog lover to participate in Responsible Dog Ownership Day activities and sign the AKC’s Pet Promise!   Washington County Fl – The American Kennel Club’s (AKC) Responsible Dog Ownership (RDO) Day is an annual series of events that take place across the nation during the entire month of September.  The flagship AKC Responsible Dog Ownership [...]

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