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Audio CD and MP3                 UPC: 885767379145        Playtime: 51:58

Sounds for Hounds is designed in collaboration with dog s, handlers and breeders and offers all dogs – pedigree or cross breed – pup or adult – a perfect audio introduction to everyday sounds.

 Sounds for Hounds is dual purpose. For pups, it functions as an aid to puppy socialization – helping to prevent the development of sound phobias. For older pups and adult dogs, it can be used – in conjunction with the Sounds for Hounds positive reinforcement training guide(included with the CD or downloadable from – as a desensitization and sound phobia training tool.

A pup’s exercise routine often needs to build gradually (for healthy ligament, joint and muscle development). During this crucial development phase, pups can sometimes miss out on exposure to the variety of sounds in their wider environment. Sounds for Hounds can help prevent the development of sound phobias by offering early exposure to over 55 everyday sounds.

Played regularly, in the first six months of life and as part of a daily routine, pups become accustomed to and accepting of common daily sounds – helping them to create positive associations with the bangs, crackles, screeches and roars in daily life.

Track list:


(1) Doors opening and closing, doorbells, mail through the letterbox, telephone ringing (2) dishwasher (3) Extractor fan, hairdryer, vacuum cleaner (4) power tools and lawn mower (5) washing machine (6) spin cycle


(7) cats and dogs (8) chickens, pigs, sheep, horse, ducks, cow, birdsong


(9) newborn babies crying, baby babble, baby laughing, baby squealing, baby playing with toys, toddler crying (10) children playing (11) crowds and shopping malls


(12) bangers and firecrackers (13) fireworks (light mix) (14) public firework display (15) thunder, gunshots, hammering


(16) aeroplanes and jets (17) sirens (18) joggers, motorbikes and cycles (19) trains and the underground/metro (20) background traffic (21) van reversing, car alarm and car horns

Digital versions and samples of all tracks are available at all iTunes stores.

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