By Published On: November, 2022Categories: Blog, Dog Behavior, Enrichment


You are limited to controlling your own behavior. You can’t truly control your dog. The only being we can control is ourselves.

Remember how much power there is in being irresistible. Be irresistibly fun to your dog.



Spend time with your dog – talk, laugh, listen, be interested in them, and be open to what they tell you. Evaluate nonverbal and verbal behaviors.

Avoid anything that will damage the bond between you and your dog. Your bond with your dog is one of your strongest influencing tools.



Model the emotional state you want your dog to experience. Show don’t tell. Negotiate disagreements, find the win/win.

Lose the need to always be right.



What is important to your dog? What does your dog value? Evaluate your dog’s life and its average day from his/her viewpoint. What makes him happy, how can you bring more of that to his life? Be respectful and loving?

Give your dog safe choices whenever you can. It is empowering to offer choices. Empowering your dog increases your bond with your dog.



Act consistently in non-negotiable situations. Let your dog know what the rules are and be consistent. Rules should only exist for important things. Express boundaries in a loving and empathetic way, don’t be bossy or controlling this is damaging to your bond.