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So Easy to Miscue …

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by  Pam Hogle A few days ago, I heard a story on the radio about police dogs and their handlers. The reporter was talking to a retired police dog handler who now trains dogs and works as an expert witness. What he said was disturbing for anyone who gets stopped by a police officer-and-dog team, but, to anyone with dog training experience, sounds plausible. What [...]

6 Ways to Take Fetch to the Next Level

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A fun article on playing fetch with your dog by John Gilpatrick Dogs go crazy for fetch. For some, not even an unwatched roasted chicken on the kitchen table can bring as much excitement as the feeling of the breeze rushing through his fur while clasping his teeth around a soft, plush toy thrown to him. “Dogs find playing fetch so fun, in part, because [...]

Cognitive Dog Training

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Another forward thinking blog by Pam Hogle. I first started teaching about what I called cognitive dog training several years ago. I didn’t invent it; I simply named what a lot of positive, forward-thinking dog trainers were already doing. Cognitive dog training enlists the dog as a partner in learning; it is not about training so much as it is is about teaching. It’s also [...]

There are no short cuts

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A wonderful blog on training short cuts written by one of the masters: Kay Laurence. When we are working with an animal our own needs can direct our choices and decisions. We focus on outcomes and the end goal which is commonly revolves around us. The dog that no longer causes discomfort when pulling their leash, the dog that instantly responds to our demands, the [...]

It is Unwise to Say, “Just Ignore the Problem Behavior!”

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Niki Tudge shares some important information about the misguided advice of "ignoring unwanted behavior". Ignoring a problem behavior is just one part of the equation; at the same time, an incompatible or alternative behavior must be reinforced (c) CanStock Photo/websubstance By Niki Tudge Last week, while perusing my Facebook news feed while I drank my morning coffee, I came across a link to [...]

Why Prong Collars Hurt

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Thank you Eileen Anderson for writing an informative blog on the physics of a prong collar. Please see additional note at the bottom of the post. Prong collars, also called pinch collars, are metal chain collars for dogs that include links of prongs whose ends press into the dog’s neck. When a dog pulls on leash, moves out of position, or is “corrected” with a [...]

“Naughty” Dog Or Normal Dog?

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by Anna Francesca Bradley In spite of the various labels commonly assigned to them, dogs do not deliberately set out to make their s’ lives difficult. Photo: Susan Nilson I’ve lost count as to how many times I’ve heard that Fido is ‘really naughty,’ ‘he’s doing it deliberately,’ ‘he’s trying to spite me,’ or, if an has more than one dog, ‘they’re trying [...]

The Problem with Punishment

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Punishment comes at a price. Learn more about this by reading this blog by Anna Francesca Bradley.  Punishment generates negative emotions of frustration, anger, anxiety, fear and causes pain; a far better approach is to work with your dog and not against (c) CanStock Photo/adogslifephoto Fortunately today, thanks to force free advocating organizations like Pet Professional Guild, there is much more awareness of [...]

Marshmallow Tests for Dogs

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  By Pam Hogle A guide dog partner, Deni Elliott, devised a dog version of the marshmallow test for her guide dog. She administered it to her guide Alberta a few years ago. Alberta did well; she actually did many of the things that children who take the marshmallow test do — she looked away, she distracted herself. She didn’t use her toes as a [...]

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