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LUTZ, FL – (AUGUST 31, 2010) – As students around the Bay area head back to school, their four-legged and furry counterparts are gearing up for a full load of classes as well.

Courteous Canine is a positive reinforcement dog school offering group training and private instruction as well as in-home instruction for all breeds and all sizes of dogs.

“Positive reinforcement is the most powerful way to modify behavior,” says and founder Angelica Steinker.  “It is simply not necessary to use pain, fear or intimidation in dog training.”

All techniques used by Courteous Canine instructors are dog-friendly meaning no choke chains, no prong collars and never any shock collars.  All training is fun and force-free, for both the dogs and their parents.

“Items such as spray bottles or throw chains are completely prohibited at Courteous Canine,” Steinker explains.  “Aversive methods and techniques only serve to undermine the bond between you and your dog.”

Offering a wide variety of classes for adult dogs, Courteous Canine offers everything from Puppy Kindergarten and basic obedience sessions to behavior modification and agility training.

All instructors are certified and have access to more than 1,300 scientific behavior and learning books and articles, enabling them to provide clients and students with the most up to date, and accurate, behavior modification techniques.

Dogs aren’t the only stars at Courteous Canine. Instructors also work with cats and their parents, one on one in an enclosed environment to address problem behaviors such clawing, spraying (or failing to use the litter box), biting or other aggressive behaviors. Felines can also learn essential skills including ‘sit’, ‘down’, how to walk on a leash as well as how to play games.

Headquartered at 3414 Melissa Country Way in Lutz, Courteous Canine also has three additional locations throughout the Bay area, with another on the way in South Tampa. Courteous Canine can be reached at 813-949-1465 or via email at