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Don’t miss this opportunity to work with the Trainer’s Trainer Diane Garrod.  Courteous Canine, Inc. is hosting Diane for a three day weekend of Treibball, also called Pushball, and Reactive Dog Training intensive training!  

Treibball/Pushball is a new dog sport taking the world by storm.  Dogs herd balls into goals instead of herding sheep.  This sport is fun and doesn’t require the intensive training of some other dog sports– but still offers the benefits of other sports, a tired and happy dog.  

Diane Garrod’s Emotional Detox/Aggression Puzzle program for reactive dogs is world famous and she will be sharing some of her training secrets with us before they are published in her forthcoming book!  Regardless of whether you have a reactive dog or parent one, this seminar is for you. 

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Diane Garrod’s Emotional Detox/Aggression Puzzle Seminar:    Click here for more information

Diane Garrod’s Treibbal/Pushball Seminar:  Click here for more information

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