By Published On: April, 2017Categories: Dog Training

By Marie Macher

puppy_gymTrick training is a fun, engaging, and great way to build a bond with your dog!  Not only do you and your pup get to show off tricks to family and friends, but your dog is staying mentally stimulated while gaining confidence.

As trick training can be practiced almost anywhere, it allows both social and reactive dogs the ability to participate, recently trick training has been growing in popularity!  As a result, the American Kennel Club (AKC) has partnered with Kiera Sundance, Do More With Your Dog, and now your dog can even earn an AKC title for doing tricks!

Beginning on May 1, 2017, AKC will officially offer its Trick Dog Program, which will include four level of titles ranging from Novice to Performer allowing dogs of all levels to participate.  To earn an AKC title, the dog will need to be registered with AKC.  Not registered yet?  No problem – it is easy to obtain an AKC number for your pup.  Simply register for Canine Partners (mixed breed) or Purebred Alternative Listing (purebred) on the AKC website

There are two ways that a dog can earn the AKC Titles.  The first option is to perform the trick for an approved CGC Evaluator who can help witness the tricks by filling out a form from their website ( or, in collaboration with Do More With Your Dog (DMWYD), titles earned through DMWYD can be submitted until the end of 2017 to be reviewed for the AKC Title as well!

At Courteous Canine, we have instructors certified (in AKC CGC and Do More With Your Dog CTDI) to help witness for both AKC and Do More With Your Dog titles and we are excited to offer this to our clients! Call us 813-949-1465