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By Brenna Fender

lure9Lure coursing was originally a sport just for sight hounds – dogs bred to run extremely fast while chasing a rabbit or other game. Competitors created a motorized line and attached bags to it so that the bags zipped around a course at high speed, inciting their dogs to chase. And for many, many years, only sight hounds got to have this kind of fun.

But s of other dogs started showing up at lure coursing practices so that their dogs who loved to run and chase got to course just for fun. Eventually, the American Kennel Club got behind that idea and created Coursing Ability Tests so that all registered breeds and mixes could get to lure course and earn titles too!

But even if you have no interest in earning titles, your dog can still enjoy lure coursing. It’s a great way to exercise any dog that likes to chase, and after a bout of lure coursing, you are sure to go home with a tired dog!

Courteous Canine has lure coursing equipment and experienced lure operators who can help you teach your dog how to enjoy coursing. Most dogs that like to chase things pick up the idea very quickly and will be excited for their turn to run.

Lure coursing classes and run-throughs are offered on several Sundays each month throughout the fall and beyond. Each “class” is very casual and relaxed and runs from 9:00am to 10:30am. The cost is $30 per dog Bring your dog, a leash, and lots of water because it is still hot! Visit and scroll down to “Lure Coursing” to see the schedule and to register.

We recommend that you have your dog checked by a vet and cleared for lure coursing as it is a high speed activity.

For more information about AKC Coursing Ability Tests, visit

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