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Dog Training & Behavior Consulting!

Which Training Class or Service Choice is Right for You?

Dog training is about building up new and appropriate skills and helping to reduce and eliminate problematic behaviors. Behavior Consultations address problem behaviors that are elicited through fear, anxiety or aggression. Training and Behavior programs differ in several ways and require different protocols and skills.

In short, a dog trainer teaches classes,  day training and board and train programs and focuses primarily on obedience behaviors and manners.  A dog behavior consultant does consultations, day training and board and train and focuses primarily on modifying behavior problems.

Choose Courteous Canine Dog Training if your dog:


  • Drags you on your daily walks
  • Greets you like a linebacker,
  • Mugs your guests
  • Potties in your house
  • Digs up your lawn
  • Uses your furniture as a chew toy or
  • Has a general lack of training 

You can schedule private training, enroll in a group class or if you are too busy, leave the training to us and schedule a “Board and Train” or “Latch Key Training” Program


Choose Courteous Canine Dog Behavior Counseling if your dog:


  • Growls at friends & family
  • Protects its toys
  • Is grumpy around other dogs
  • Displays anxious behaviors -or- Shows any other behavior you consider a concern to your family
  • Is reactive on leash or shy and anxious around people or dogs


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Courteous Canine  dog training methods and philosophies are founded in the science of Applied Behavior Analysis. We work with each client to develop a training plan or behavior change program that meets your needs.  The behavior change programs are specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and have set timelines.

Life is So Much Better With a Well Trained Dog

shapeimage_14Isn’t it amazing how we expect puppies to arrive in our home fully trained and perfectly fluent in the English language? And then we are amazed when our new dog doesn’t understand the simplest instructions we give them. Like a tourist in a foreign country, we think that if we just talk louder and slower somehow our new puppy will miraculously understand what we want it to do. But in our modern world, the ability to communicate with and understand man’s best friend is as fundamental as driving, using the internet and doing taxes every April. But there is so much conflicting and confusing information about dog behavior and dog training that it can be overwhelming trying to decide what is best for our canine family members.

Learning to communicate with your family pet should be fun for you and your dog but it should also be effective without causing any damage or unexpected side effects. More importantly, the methods you use to communicate with your dog should not be based on outdated myths or debunked theories. It is critical that any training methods you use with your beloved pet should be well-founded in science and not rely on fads, gimmicks, the latest electronic push-button gizmo or the edited smoke and mirrors used on television reality shows. And force and pain should never used.

Courteous Canine is all you need for all of your training and behavior needs.  Read more about our Private Training Programs, Board & Train ServicesGroup Classes and Behavior Consultations. 

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