Tampa Dog Training Program: Enroll and Go Classes

Tampa Dog Training Program: Enroll and Go Classes

Great dane and tiny dog

Whether your dog is large or small, sign up for an Enroll and Go group class today!

What is Enroll and Go?
Courteous Canine, Inc. is offering Enroll and Go for AKC Star Puppy Kindergarten and Basic Manners Group classes. This means clients choose a day and time that works for them, enroll and can IMMEDIATELY start in the class. All students in the class will be working at their own level simultaneously.

Benefits of Enroll and Go:

    1. No waiting weeks until a new round of classes starts. 
    2. Enroll and start IMMEDIATELY!
    3. Customized training within the group class curriculum.
    4. Total flexibility.
    5. We provide a FREE card that stores your information and charts your progress.


Follow the following easy steps:

  1. Find a class day/time at that location on the class schedule page
  2. Sign up for that class
  3. Complete 6 sessions of classes consecutively to avoid having to purchase another series.

Happy Training, The staff of Courteous Canine, Inc.