Dog Lure Coursing Tampa

Lure coursing is a humane sport that makes use of a lure—usually a plastic bag, that is pulled by a motor around a course of pulleys. If you are interested in seeing a video of dogs lure coursing at Courteous Canine, Inc go to:

As you can see, the dogs chase the “lure” and have a blast doing it. Courteous Canine, Inc. offers two levels of lure coursing classes:

  • Introduction to Lure Coursing
    for dogs that have never lure coursed before or who are needing more exposure to get optimally addicted. This one-time class lasts 90-minutes and is limited to 8 dogs. Class costs $30 per dog.
  • Intermediate Lure Coursing
    for dogs that are consistently following the lure or actively competing. This one-time class lasts 90-minutes and is limited to 8 dogs. Class costs $30 per dog.

Lure Coursing private instruction is also available at our usual rates of $55 per hour and $30 per half hour. Half hour sessions are recommended if you are coursing one dog.

We recommend that you have your dog checked by a vet and cleared for lure coursing as it is a high speed activity.

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My dog loves the lure coursing. Courteous Canine, Inc. does a great job and we have a blast every time we go. –Ellinor S.


Lure Coursing Competition

The American Kennel Club (AKC) offers lure coursing for all breeds of dogs including mixed breeds. To learn more about the AKC program visit: AKC offers a titling program for lure coursing dogs.

The United Kennel Club (UKC) also offers a lure coursing program that includes titles. Some unusual breeds are registered by UKC enabling them to earn titles for lure coursing. For more information visit:

There are many groups forming across the United States for the lure coursing addicted and Courteous Canine, Inc. is open to hosting competitions, club practice sessions or providing demonstrations.

Florida Dog Lure coursing   

We will allow dogs that know each other well and are friends to course together. Pictured here are an Aussie with her housemate Golden Retriever. Courteous Canine, Inc. uses plastic pulleys for added safety. Metal pulleys can cut feet. In addition we set courses where string angles are all well over 90-degrees.

Dog Lure Coursing Lutz FL Dog Lure Coursing

Letting your dog watch while another dog courses is a great way to get her interested. Above left two housemate Cavaliers coursing together and surprisingly the usually slower one is dashing out ahead!

Lap dogs are often passed over for dog sports but Cavalier Sammy and Papillion Bella beg to differ, both dogs are thoroughly enjoying trying to “get it”.


Some dogs learn to pull the string off the pulleys to enable them to “catch” the lure. Courteous Canine, Inc. Instructors will disengage the motor when this happens. For safety dogs are not allowed to stand on the string prior to the motor being activated. Please keep all humans and dogs clear of the string when lure coursing is in process.

Florida Lure Coursing

We look forward to lure coursing with you and your dog!

Happy lure chasing, The Staff of Courteous Canine, Inc.

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