By Published On: May, 2013Categories: Agility

Agility Dog Snitch Competes in Incredible Dog Challenge

Courteous Canine, Inc. Instructor and Student Competes in Purina Incredible Dog Challenge

Jill Baker and her fast Golden Retriever Snitch competed in the Regional Purina Incredible Dog Challenge. Jill says, “We had a clean run on Saturday which is all I wanted given the caliber of dogs we were running with. We placed 6 out of 6 large dogs, lol. 4 very fast Border Collies and a Belgian Malinois handled by a man in a wheelchair that was amazing. Under 39 seconds on a standard course with 2 sets of 12 weave poles. They were all running fast. Here’s a pic from the Purina site… Snitch cheated on the 60 weave poles, but that’s another story.”