Behavior Consulting

Courteous Canine Behavioral Consulting

What Can A Certified Dog Behavior Consultant Do For You?

Dog Behavior TampaDog Behavior Consultants are uniquely qualified and have expertise in evaluating, managing and modifying a wide range of challenging canine behaviors.

  • Our non-violent methods  build and strengthen relationships between human and dog.
  • We avoiding using tools that actually cause aggression.
  • Our programs minimize your stress and your dogs stress.
  • We emphasize preventing behavior problems through diligent management while we work to modify unwanted behaviors.

We specialize in:

  • Dog to dog aggression
  • Aggression toward other animals inside or outside the household
  • Human directed aggression
  • Veterinary diagnosed canine separation anxiety
  • Shy and/or anxious dogs
  • On leash barking and lunging at other dogs 
  • Rescue dogs with issues
  • Dogs that have impulse control issues
  • Hyper dogs struggling to learn to relax
  • Dogs that guard resources
  • Dogs that are fighting with dogs living in the same household
  • Any other dog behavior problem you can think of
  • Destructive behaviors
  • Growling, nipping and snapping

We are here for you and love to work with dogs that make us think. We offer owners support, kindness and science based accurate information in our behavior consults. 

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Dog Behavior Consultation Prices

A single appointment at your home is $125.00 per hour. A single appointment at our campus is $110.00 per hour, however the first consultation may last up to 90 minutes and our initial fee does not exceed the hourly rate.

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Book 8 sessions and save 15%

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