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(as opposed to lure coursing tests that are for sighthound breeds only)

cat_blogBelow is a link to the AKC’s summary description of the CAT. This outlines the distance of the course based on dog size (300 yards or 600 yards), rules for dog age and what collar they may wear. To pass the course, the dog must complete the course:

  • Uninterrupted
  • With enthusiasm
  • In under 2 minutes for 600 yards or under 1.5 minutes for 300 yards

To earn their first title, the dog must earn a minimum of three course passes. There are various titles beyond that ranging ten course passes and up.

Here is the link to search for local clubs hosting CATs

Come course at Courteous Canine’s 200 yard course to practice for these events! Our course meets the safety recommendations of the AKC that there be no turns more acute than 90-degress for non-sighthound breeds.

Happy Lure Coursing the Staff of Courteous Canine, Inc.