Our Dog Training Services in Tampa, and Lutz New Tampa

Puppy Training in Tampa“Even though my veterinary practice is in South Tampa and Courteous Canine is a bit of a drive for my clients, I recommend Angelica and Courteous Canine to all my clients. I firmly believe Courteous Canine has the best dog training in all of Tampa. I have completed puppy kindergarten classes with several dogs, basic agility and the Control Unleashed reactive dog class, as well as had in-home and onsite behavior consultations with my own dogs through Courteous Canine over the past 8 years. I have also referred hundreds of my clients and their dogs for puppy classes and behavior consultations with Courteous Canine. I trust Angelica’s experience and judgment on complicated behavior cases and I know all the trainers at Courteous Canine employ only positive reinforcement training methods and are enthusiastic educators.”

-Dr. Shelley Harper, Owner Hyde Park Veterinary Clinic

Our Services

Dog Training in TampaWe offer classes for dogs of every age and every level of obedience. From playful puppies to teaching old dogs new tricks, we work with dogs of any age and any dog breed. **We specialize in challenging and difficult to train dogs, problem solving, house training, and overcoming aggressive behaviors.***

Our classes build the bond between man’s best friend and his family, and we can also help dogs turn pro as animal actors, service and therapy dogs, or competitors in agility, disc dog, fun scent games and dog dock jumping.

Enroll and Go Program for 6-Session Basic Manners, Puppy Kindergarten and All-Age Manners Group Classes
Courteous Canine, Inc. DogSmith of Tampa is offering Enroll and Go for Basic Manners, Puppy Kindergarten and All-Age Basic Manners Group classes. This means clients choose a day and time that works for them, enroll and can IMMEDIATELY start in the class. All students in the class will be working at their own level simultaneously.


  1. Start then class when it fits your schedule
  2. Attend your class as it fits your schedule.
  3. Take up to ten weeks to complete your six classes.
  4. Customized training within the group class curriculum.
  5. Total flexiblity.
  6. No waiting for start dates. Enroll when you are ready.
  7. We provide a card that stores your information and charts your progress
  8. Never miss a session again and no need to schedule make ups.

How it works:
Pick a group class –> Pick a day and time that fits your schedule –> Sign up for that class –> Attend as it fits your schedule until the six sessions are complete (within ten weeks)

Our services include:

  • Basic Manners for puppies and adult dogs puppies that attend every class can qualify for the AKC Star Puppy Program
  • Second level **AKC Canine Good Citizen manners & Pet Therapy preparation
  • Really reliable coming when called a very popular group class
  • Problem behavior modification including: poor impulse control, dog bite prevention, Excessive chewing/creating household damage, stressed and shyness, lack of focus, inappropriate barking and lunging/dog with issues, and separation anxiety
  • Trick training or Dog Dancing just for fun or to go pro as a dog or cat actor
  • Agility at the introductory, intermediate or advanced levels
  • Pushball also called Treibball this is a fun new sport were dogs herd balls into goals
  • Fun Scent Games a popular program that teaches dogs to eventually find a specific odor or food
  • Dog dock jumping at the introductory, intermediate or advanced levels
  • Assistance/Service dog training
  • Have a feisty feline? No problem. We also offer cat training with a private instructor!

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Holiday Group Class Policy

The following holiday times we will not be offering group class services:

  • Easter
  • 4th of July
  • Labor Day
  • Halloween evening
  • Thanksgiving day
  • Christmas eve
  • Christmas day
  • New years eve pm classes cancelled
  • New years day

If you have any additional questions regarding holidays, please contact your instructor.

Dog Training in Tampa