8-Week VIRTUAL Trick Training 101 for Small Pets

Why do dogs always get all the attention? All types of animals can learn and it’s time for small pets to have their time in the spotlight! Trick training is an excellent way to mentally exercise pets as well as entertain them and provide an appropriate outlet for their energy – small pets benefit from training in all the same ways that dogs do!

In this 8 week class you’ll learn all about teaching your non-canines and you’ll finish off the class with your Novice Trick title from Do More With Your Dog – the only organization that certifies pets other than dogs! This class is especially great for cats, rodents, and birds but every species (except canines) are welcome!

This online class offers lots of flexibility as sessions will be pre-recorded with the first week of video becoming available available at the date and time listed above, which more videos coming out each week. Every week will offer at least 30 minutes of new video content on different training concepts and in-depth techniques on how to teach certain tricks to your pet.

The videos will be followed by discussion each week through our Discord group (link to sign up will be provided upon class payment) so you will be able to watch sessions and train your pet on your own schedule throughout each week and submit videos of your pets tricks when you’re able to. Your instructor, Kim, will be available to discuss ideas and answer questions throughout the entirety of the course and offer additional coaching as needed! You will also be able to discuss your progress with classmates as well, if you desire!

Your instructor, Kim, is passionate about small pets and her two guinea pigs both have trick titles! Java Praline has his Novice Trick title along with the Summer of Ruff Title, while Maple Latte has his Intermediate Trick title and the Summer of Ruff title.

8 videos (approximately 4 hours total) and Discord student, instructor discussion and title evaluating will be available until May 30.

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