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Puppy Training Lutz FL“As an ethical breeder (puppies sold with contracts and parents health screened), I know that early socialization is of critical importance. I take my puppies to Courteous Canine, Inc. and I recommend Courteous Canine, Inc.’s group classes whole heartedly. The methods used by Courteous Canine, Inc. are up to date and always dog friendly.”

-Debra Johnson, Kinetic Australian Shepherd

Puppy Socialization Check Sheet

6-Session Enroll and Go AKC Star Puppy Kindergarten

Class Type: Group.
Term: 6  sessions, 1 hour-long each
Prerequisite: This class is open to any breed under the age of 6 months

Puppy Kindergarten Tampa FL

Puppies have a lot to learn about their roles as family pets and man’s best friends. This class helps a puppy put his best paw forward. It covers house training, not mouthing, sit, down, coming when called, stay, loose-leash walking and much more. Most importantly, we work with you and your dog to establish a trusting relationship that serves as an important foundation for future training and a happy life together.

Puppy graduates of the class can take a photo in a “cap and gown.” Owners can also opt for their puppies to take the AKC S.T.A.R. Puppy test, which ensures that your dog is being raised with socialization and safety in mind. This is a very popular program which was added due to client demand!

Courteous Canine, Inc. DogSmith of Tampa is offering Enroll and Go for AKC Star Puppy Kindergarten Group classes. This means clients choose a day and time that works for them, enroll and can IMMEDIATELY start in the class. All students in the class will be working at their own level simultaneously.

Benefits of Enroll and Go:

  1. Start when class fits your schedule.
  2. Attend your class as it fits your schedule.
  3. Take up to 10 weeks to complete your six classes.
  4. Customized training within the group class curriculum.
  5. Total flexibility.
  6. No waiting for start dates. Enroll when you are ready.
  7. We provide a FREE card that stores your information and charts your progress.
  8. Never miss a session again and no need to schedule make ups.

How it works:
Pick a AKC Star Puppy day and time that fits your schedule –> Sign up for that class –> Attend as it fits your schedule until the six sessions are complete.

Enroll in this class and get a FREE ebooklet on puppy training!

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Puppy Socialization Check Sheet