Paw Spa is a fun dog nail trim training program that teaches you and your dog to enjoy the process of nail trimming. This customized program is available via private training. Learn to use positive reinforcement training to reduce stress and make dog nail trimming a voluntary, less stressful, and even fun process!

Paw Spa: Dog Nail Trim Training Service Agreement

At Courteous Canine we are committed to providing you with the best dog training and pet care available – it’s all about positive reinforcement.

  • I understand the first session is an assessment to see if the dog is fit for this program.

  • I agree to bring soft, moist treats that my dog loves!

  • I understand Courteous Canine will only use Dremel tools for nail trims and that at no time will nail cutters of any kind be used.

  • I understand Courteous Canine cannot guarantee any specific outcome of the Paw Spa Nail Trim Training Program. Some dogs have been severely traumatized having their nails trimmed in the past and may not be suitable for the program. We will inform you if this is the case.

  • I understand all Paw Spa appointments are one hour. Appointments can only be shortened to 30 minutes if your dog consents to that length of time.

  • I understand all Paw Spa appointments allow for break time and play time to help your dog pace themselves during their nail trim training

  • I understand the training process beings where your dog needs it to begin. Does that are worried about being on a table or being held will need to start training at that point. The dog will determine both the starting points and the progress of this voluntary nail trim program.

  • I understand the program makes use of the scientifically most successful methods used by certified professionals, zoos, and scientists worldwide. This process is called counter conditioning with systematic desensitization and it requires your dog’s consent to be successful.

  • I understand the Paw Spa Nail Trim Training is a process and not a quick fix.

  • I understand the Paw Spa does not include body clipping. This is a licensed professional grooming task.

  • I understand the Paw Spa can include voluntary bath*, body brushing, or tooth brushing training if requested and your dog is consenting.

    *Please note we are unable to service dogs larger than Golden Retriever size for voluntary bath training.

Paw Spa Consent Form

Paw Spa
Do you take your dog to a groomer?
Has your dog required the use of a muzzle (at groomer or vet)?
Has your dog had any bad experiences with nail trims, vet handling, or other handling?