Mission, Vision and Values of Courteous Canine, Inc. DogSmith of Tampa


Courteous Canine, Inc. is committed to providing quality pet care for dogs and owners through engagement and education which cultivate positive human-canine relationships.

To be a leading innovator in providing the most effective, and most humane dog training and pet care services possible.

We Love Dogs!

We value …
Engaging in supportive behaviors and collaborating.

Loyalty, kindness and compassion toward dogs, clients, staff and the public. We maintain our clients confidentiality.
Openness to learning, we are committed to
Valuing Transparency and punctuality
Establishing shared meaning and clear communication

Dogs, owners, staff and the public are respected
Obligations are valued, we are reliable
Got fun? We prioritize fun for dogs and owners in the pet care and training we provide
Safety of dogs and people is valued at all times

Training That Bonds!