Introduction to UpDog Challenge Disc Dog Games

This four week group class is limited to 6 dog and owner teams. Each class will last 90 minutes. During the four weeks we will cover the following UpDog Games:
4 way play
Spaced Out
Throw n Go
Time Warp
Each 90min class will be dedicated to an individual UpDog game and will include training as well as time devoted for each dog to run the game for points judged by instructor Apryl Lea. Dog and handler teams should have basic disc foundations and be appropriate for a group class/off leash setting.

Class length: 90 minutes

Class cost: $150

You will need a registration/approval code to register for class. 

Please email a video of your dog playing with discs (rolling or catching) off leash in a fenced yard or similar space or on a long line/harness to to obtain code to register

Enter approval code in this box to register for a class: