Intro to Dock Jumping Class

Prerequisite: Dog Swimming 101: Puppy Pool Safety or picture showing your dog can swim.

Intro to Dock Jumping! Learn how to introduce your dog to dock jumping. This sport is for dogs that love the water and like making a big splash! Bring towels and change of clothing so you and your dog can have a blast in this one-time class that gets you started in this exciting new sport. Progress in this class depends on your dog’s swimming ability and how motivated she is for a toy which prompts her to jump into the pool. The dock is two feet above the water surface, so dogs that jump into a pool need gradual exposure to the increase in height. Dogs that are used to jumping into lakes or ponds may find the clear water confusing. Bring your camera and come join the fun!

Class length: 90 minutes

Class cost: $35

You will need a registration/approval code to register for class. 

It is very simple to get this code.  All you have to do is send an email and include a photo or a video of your dog swimming in clear water.  We will then let you know the code to input into the box below.

Send Photo or video now  to get the approval code.

Enter approval code in this box to register for a class: