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While you are away from your home, you can choose from

In home Pet Care Florida

  1. 3-Pet Sit Visits – A Pet Sitter visits your pet in your home. Starting in the morning, ending in the evening with a lunch visit in between this series of three 30 minute visits will meet your dog’s needs. Please note puppies will need more visits. 
  2. Pet Sitter Stays in Your Home – A Pet Sitter stays in your home with your pets. The service time is agreed with the client but normally starts at 7pm and concludes at 7am.
  3. Your Pet Stays in the Home of our Pet Sitter – Your pet stays in the home of one of our pet sitters. Your pet enjoys the comfort and environment of a private home and family. The rate covers a 24 hour period.

While you are busy at work or with family we can provide

Florida Pet Care

  1. Dog Play Day Care – Let your dog play while you are away for the day or too busy at home with renovations and contractors. Send your dog to day care at our main campus: 3414 Melissa Country Way, Lutz, FL 33559. Your pooch can spend the day hangin’ with up to 7 of their pals while supervised by our pet first aid and canine communication trained staff.
  2. Mid-Day Pet Sit Visit – A 30 minute mid-day (between 10:15 AM & 2:30 PM) visit to entertain and let a dog into the yard or go for a walk. This is available for dogs and cats.

Add On Services 

Pet Care Lutz FL

  • Extended Play Time – extended play time is when the client requests that the standard 30 minute visit be extended.
  • Pet Waste Clean Up – To scoop and cleanup poop and small trash from the client’s yard while the pet sitter is at the pet’s home.
  • Pet Shuttle – The pet sitter will pick up, deliver and return pet or pets to vet or groomer during any service visit or as a standalone service. Please contact us to get a quote for this service:

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