Happy Vet Visits

Class Type: 90min Workshop 
Student Max: 6 (will be in the group room indoors)

Class Description:

Does your dog run and hide when they hear the word “vet”? Do you have a new puppy and you want to put the right paw forward when it comes to vet visits? Then this class is for you! This 90 min Workshop is an introduction into the world of cooperative care to help take the fear out of visiting the vet.  

During the workshop, we will cover – basic handling games and restraint, how to train voluntary vet exams including (eyes, ears & teeth), some important obedience cues to help vet visits run smoothly, consent testing and other helpful tips to make stressful vet trips stress free. Clients will be exposed to the training skill of CCDS and trained in how to avoid flooding.


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