Group Training

Dog Training Is So Much Fun in a Group!

Dog Training In TampaLike us, our dogs are social animals.  No wonder they have been our constant companions for millions of years.  But it’s a modern world that we now share with our best friends so we both need to learn how to get along better in society and the best way to do that is to join one of our group dog training programs.


Our Tampa Dog Training Group Classes Are Available For Puppies To Adults, Couch Potatoes to Hot Rods!

Our group classes give you so much more than just the basics of ‘sit’ and ‘stay’.  Our classes provide you and your pet the opportunity to learn invaluable skills, socialize with other dogs and people, explore the world around you and communicate with others.  Because we provide you with a controlled environment your learning is safe, effective, fast and fun.  And you enjoy all of the advantages of our force-free training methods in a structured format.

Dog Training in TampaIn your Courteous Canine  group class, your dog will learn proper manners and behavior in a dynamic setting outside its normal home.  This helps your pet grow, mature and gain confidence.  We teach all new skills in small, easy to learn steps so you and your dog go from one success to the next and we keep our class sizes small enough so you and your dog get all of the individual attention you need.  But our classes our big enough to optimize the social and interactive benefits you and your dog receive.

Our group dog training classes are fantastic for helping your dog become comfortable with distractions in new and unusual settings.  To better help you, we adjust class content and pace, to suit your  needs which provides you and your dog with fantastic learning opportunities and challenges helping your pet gain confidence and become more comfortable in different environments.

For your young puppy or maturing young pooch, or if you want to teach your old dog new tricks in a fresh environment, then join one of our conveniently scheduled group training programs.  Not only do you get the support and encouragement from our professional dog expert, you will also enjoy working with your classmates.  Courteous Canine group classes are a great place to meet other dogs and their owners too.  Just the ticket for fun learning, making memories and building bonds!

You can join a group class for Puppy Training, Basic Manners Obedience Training, Rally, Dock Diving, Agility and so much more. Come join in on the fun at Courteous Canine for the best dog training in Tampa!

Dog Training in Tampa