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Dog Playgroup in Tampa

Come join 1-hour workshop of outdoor play with a certified dog training professional supervising and educating! This program is divided into two groups: Under 25 lbs and 25 – 50 lbs. All dogs are pre-screened and may renew with instructor approval. Dogs must be without issues to join, as this is active play. This group workshop is limited to 10 dogs and is held outdoors. Please bring a towel as your dog may get wet and dirty.

Important Playgroup Things to Know:

  • Held outdoors – your dog will get wet and/or dirty
  • You will need a registration/approval code to register.
  • Dogs under 25 lbs meet Saturdays at 9AM
  • Dogs 25-50 lbs meet Saturdays at 10AM
  • Join the fun for only $30 per session

Great place. Great facility. Our dog loves loves going to Courteous Canine. She gets to play with so many people and other dogs. She even had a few swimming opportunities. The best part is that she sleeps for about two days when she gets home because she played so much!

Lisa Sappenfield, Google

Compassionate, knowledgeable team of trainers who are committed to positive, force-free training! There are a wide variety of services to meet almost any dog training need.

Heather G, Google

I have the utmost respect for the and trainers at Courteous Canine. I love the variety of experiences available and the expertise of the staff. I have (and will continue to) recommend Courteous Canine to friends and neighbors.

Katie S, Google

Dog Training Group Classes

Dog Training Group Classes Description Price
Intro to Agility – Jumps, Tunnels, Chutes Intro to Agility – 6-weeks Intro to Agility: Jumps, Tunnels and Chute Group Class $175
Intro to Agility – Contacts and Weaves Intro to Agility – 6-weeks Intro to Agility: Contacts and Weaves Group Class $175
Intermediate/Advanced Agility Intermediate/Advanced Agility: 6 weeks intermediate/advanced agility Group Class. $175
Dog Parkour 4 weeks Dog Parkour $116
Really Reliable Coming – Part 1 and Part 2 One time 90-minute group class. $35
Dog Swimming 101: Puppy Pool Safety One  time 90-minute Intro to swimming $35
Intro to Dock Jumping One  time 90-minute Intro to Dock Jumping. $35
Intermediate/Advanced Dock Jumping Practice 1.5 hour group practice session $35
Intro to Fun Scent Games 6-weeks Intro to Fun Scent Games Group Class. $175
Low Stress Handling and Vet Visits  One time 90-minute group happy vet visit class. $35
Lure Coursing  One time 90-minute group mini fast cat session. $40
AKC Canine Good Citizen & Pet Therapy Prep Part I 8-Weeks; requires an access code to complete registration $198
AKC Advanced Canine Good Citizen & Pet Therapy Prep Part 2 8-Weeks; requires an access code to complete registration $198
AKC Canine Good Citizen Testing Individual Testing for CGC Test if not a participant in the group class. Test maximum time is 30 minutes. Price is per dog, per test. Should the dog need longer to take the test, an hour booking is required at $65. $35
My Dog has Issues 6-weeks My Dog has Issues for Reactive Dogs Group Class. Requires private Behavior Consult first. $175
AKC Star Puppy Classes 6 session enroll and go STAR puppy kindergarten. $175
Basic Manners 6 session enroll and go program for basic manners $175
Trick Training Level 1 6 weeks of classes and the final week is testing for Trick Training Titling! Come join for titling, FUN, mental stimulation, warm-up and make people smile!
Trick Training Level 2 -Movement and Tricks to Music Creating Routines and Dog Dancing! 6 weeks of classes that build upon level 1. $175
Intro To Dog Dancing Freestyle Create a 30-second routine to music one time 90-minute workshop $35
Dog Training Rain Policy


For private training and group instruction that is held outdoors, we will make every attempt to contact students at least two hours before if we are canceling class. Classes are held during light rain, if there is lightning classes are cancelled. If you see lightning during your class, please let your instructor know immediately.

If you don’t hear from your instructor, your class will occur as scheduled.

courteous canine vaccines icon


To participate in class, your dog must have received:

  • Distemper/Parvo (core combination)
  • Leptospirosis
  • Rabies
  • Bordetella
  • Canine Influenza

If your dog is not eligible for these vaccines, we will also accept a letter of exemption from your veterinarian due to your dog’s age or medical status.


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