Tampa Dog: Gabby Gives Courteous Canine, Inc Clicks and Treats

Gabby“We adopted a beautiful two-year-old female Rottweiler named Gabby from a rescue group in January. Being a previous owner of the breed, we thought we knew what to expect when we brought her into our home. We did not have much detail on her past other than the previous owners surrendered her to animal control after losing their home in foreclosure.

We immediately noticed some issues with her behavior. Initially, we attempted to correct it as we knew from prior experience. We tried giving it time, and then looked to dog training books and websites, but nothing worked.

We contacted Angelica at Courteous Canine for advice. She immediately suggested we schedule a behavior consultation to determine the root cause of the problems. Angelica explained to us that Gabby’s issues stemmed from feelings of instability, insecurity and anxiety. She gave us tools and insight on how to deal with her issues and also learn her body language so that we could understand what she was trying to communicate.

It has only been a couple of weeks since we started Gabby’s program created by Courteous Canine, and we are already seeing significant improvement in her behavior. Her interaction with us has been transformed into behaviors of affection and trust. Angelica is truly a special person and an expert in her field. We are thankful for all of her help with our situation.

We are looking forward to having a positive, healthy relationship with our new family member and look forward to the next step in Gabby’s growth.”

Lisa and Tom H.